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La LOOP Eyeglass Necklaces

La LOOP Eyeglass Necklaces

All new to PRET A VOIR, La LOOP.

La LOOP began when founder and designer Elizabeth Faraut envisioned high-end jewelry with a purpose. She designed La LOOP, a necklace created specifically to hold eyewear.

La LOOP is a high end jewellery collection that doubles as glasses and sunglasses accessories. The concept behind the accessory design is a hinge that utilises a 360-degree swivel technology that ensures your eyewear stays securely in place using either a sterling silver or gold loop, dog tag or acetate ‘loop’.

Each loop comes in a variety of materials including Italian calfskin leather, sterling-silver, 14-karat gold, 24-karat gold, gemstones & pearls. La LOOP updates their designs seasonally, reflecting on current fashion and lifestyle trends.


The brand was born in New York by two women: one, a financial executive who wore her glasses hanging on the loop of a necklace she’d made in partnership with a 47th Street jeweler. The other, a fashion industry veteran who honed her eye at Figaro Madame, Guerlain, and GUESS. She saw a new style-driven accessory in-the-making and this custom piece of jewellery sparked a chic yet functional idea.


Launched in 1999, La LOOP really was a new category of accessory merging together the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle, crafted specifically to hold glasses. LaLOOP’s innovative engineering was patented and worn by some of fashion’s most influential faces such as ‘Vogue’s Tonne Goodman, ‘Barneys’ Simon Doonan and ‘The New York Times’ Robert Marc.

Since then, the business has continued to grow and the design duo constantly look forward.  

Over the past 20 years, LA LOOP’s team of forward-looking partners has built their unique company into a global enterprise from its Los Angeles base to over 1,000 stores in 28 countries. Twice-yearly, collections encourage individual expression, from Sterling Silver linked chains to Italian terracotta leather to hand woven stretch cord. All while remaining true to the accessory’s unique patented combination of form and function. LA LOOP pays homage to the third-generation jewelers on New York’s famed 47th Street who originated and still create the LA LOOP jewellery designs.


At PRET A VOIR, you can shop twenty-five different styles of LA LOOP. However, each season the brand introduces new, ethically sourced, materials which are inspired by new leathers. LA LOOP works with a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy who produce incredible and vibrant collections. Gemstones, crystals and pearls are sought out and sourced from trusted local suppliers specialising in innovative raw goods. 


LA LOOP is a fashionable yet functional way to never lose your glasses.

The unique patented hinged design of this accessory will keep your sunglasses and glasses lying flat against your body when you are not wearing them, allowing them to remain a stylish part of your attire. If you are opting for the LA LOOP Sport range, the durable chain material has a lacquer finish for shine and longevity that won’t fall, twist or tangle while you are running, cycling or commuting. Whereas the freshwater pearl or the 24k gold are more statement making inspired by art exhibits, movie-stars and city breaks.


If you'd like to learn more about LA LOOP, please get in touch with our team by clicking on our live chat button [the black circle to the left hand side of the screen], email us at or give us a call on 0800 954 5689.


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