Comfort Max Varifocal by Essilor


What are the Benefits of Varilux Comfort Max lenses?

There are many benefits to choosing Varilux Comfort Max lenses; these include:

All-day vision comfort

Wide range of gaze direction

Instant focus

Smooth realignment

Postural flexibility

What's the Key Benefit?

While the Varilux Comfort Max offers a wide range of benefits, it's one key advantage is its increased postural flexibility.

With Varilux Comfort Max lenses, you can adopt 495 different body postures when looking at a computer or desktop screen. This is a far greater number that the 237 positions that were possible with the previous generation, the Varilux Comfort.

Varilux Comfort Max lenses allow you a much wider range of natural postures to see a given visual target, providing more comfortable all-day vision.

The Research and Development Process

As today's lifestyles and needs have evolved, Essilor's Research and Development department has reacted, revamping the LiveOptics process to investigate postural flexibility for the first time.

New advanced avatar simulations have enabled Essilor to mathematically model the conditions of an infinite number of positions using real-life vision tasks to refine the design before live testing.                           

What's the Technology Behind Varilux Comfort Max Lenses? 

Live Optics

Varilux Comfort Max lenses have been designed using Essilor's exclusive "Live Optics" Research and Development technique. This considers the physiology and optics of the wearer, following which a full evaluation of the design through detailed wearer tests are conducted.

Flex Optim™ Technology

Flex Optim™ technology ensures that Varilux Comfort Max lenses are adjusted to each individual beyond their vision profile.

Flex Optim™ technology calculates each individual's lens progression profile. This means that it is perfectly adjusted to each person's unique prescription allowing for smooth focusing from near to far.

How to Buy Varilux Comfort Max Lenses

Buying the Varilux Comfort Max is as simple as adding it to your lens options when creating your glasses.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Varilux Comfort Max lenses, please contact us for further information. A member of our team will be happy to assist you..

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