Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth are the creatives behind Face à Face in 1995. The French company’s goal was to design eyewear that was ‘creative without compromise’. Free, bold and colourful, Face à Face’s style has real character. Using rich colour and expressive bold shapes, Face à Face glasses are like no other.

Face à Face frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent. Resembling small pieces of architecture, Face à Face frames play with volumes, shapes, material and textures to create truly unique eyewear that will reveal your individuality with an unusual, stylised edge. Using acetate and various metals in their frames allow greater span for unique design. Their products are handmade in France, Italy and Japan, focusing on comfort, particularly with the bridge design on their acetate frames.



Drawing inspiration from abstract concepts, such as their collection ‘Synaesthesia’, allows them to create extraordinary and artistic glasses that catch the attention yet remain high quality in their production and functionality. Face à Face’s fun ‘Bocca’ line, for example, is easily recognisable by the shoes at the ends of the arms – they could be anything from a stiletto to a ballet shoe!

Face à Face’s goal is to make their wearers feel unique and bold, and with the designs that they offer their customers, they definitely allow people to stand out and make a statement in their frames.

Like an architect, Face à Face works with volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give its glasses the power to express the personality of their wearer, whether that's bold, carefree, energetic, independent or even seductive. Each collection is preceded by a research and design stage, resulting in new styles enhanced by innovative concepts incorporating new sensibilities. In ten years, with a collection renowned for its creativity and its "Made in France" quality, the company has gained a strong foothold in the world market for designer glasses (80% of its turnover comes from exports), opened a subsidiary in the United States, set up a production and finishing centre in the French Jura region and established a firm presence with its own shop dedicated exclusively to the brand, at 346 rue Saint Honore in the heart of Paris.

Face à Face cuts its frames from the very beautiful acetates produced by Mazzuchelli, an Italian company, the world leader in acetate production. Acetate is a natural material (it is derivative of cotton) and is therefore highly non-allergenic. Single colour sheets are harmonized and cut entirely by hand, producing an unmatched wealth of colours and structures. Many types of acetates in the collection are exclusive to Face à Face (red cables, cables, safari, tatami, fibers, etc.) They are developed by our design studio in cooperation with the Mazzuchelli Family. The Face à Face design spirit is therefore fully expressed in the structure of the acetates.

The Face à Face production facility is located in Montmorot (Jura), a small town close to Lons Le Saunier. The Jura region is where almost all of the French eyewear manufacture has taken place for many decades. It has been in full operation since January 2004 and employs a dozen people.

Face à Face remains a leader and innovator within the Eyewear industry with many fashion brands taking inspiration from their work .They continue to serve a loyal clientele with beautiful eyewear and we hope they do so for many decades in the future.

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