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KODAK Lens brings the colour and confidence associated with the trusted KODAK Lens brand into the local independent optician practices.


KODAK Lens brings the colour and confidence associated with the trusted KODAK Lens brand into the local independent optician practices.

KODAK Lenses provide you with the some of the most innovative and advanced optical lenses within the eyewear market. As one of the largest providers of glasses lenses in the United Kingdom, they have been partnering with opticians such as our team at Pretavoir for almost two decades.

KODAK's global research and development teams are constantly working to develop the ultimate in lens materials and designs. And, a
ll KODAK Lenses receive a two-year manufacturing warranty under normal wear and tear.

Why choose KODAK Lens?

KODAK Total Blue Lenses

KODAK Clean&CleAR Lens with Silk


Specialist Lens Features


KODAK Lens is manufactured and distributed by Signet Armolite Europe LTD in the United Kingdom. Their specialist lens features, such as the 2 year anti-scratch guarantee, offer glasses-wearers the peace of mind that they are purchasing quality varifocal and single vision lenses designed to improve their life by improving their sight.

KODAK Lens is committed to creating a richer, clearer, more vibrant world for glasses wearers through its lens technology.


Innovative Lens Technology

For 25 years KODAK Lens has combined innovative varifocal and single vision lens technology with the colour and confidence associated with the trusted KODAK brand. As a global leader in developing lens technology, KODAK Lens is committed to using the latest optical innovations to help offer enhanced vision for all.

KODAK Lens works in partnership with independent opticians, helping our Partners create an engaging experience for their patients from the moment they approach their local practice.

How KODAK Lenses Are Made

There are many technical processes that go into making a KODAK Lens and making them precise to your prescription and to your lifestyle.

Step 1: Semi-Finished Lenses
The lenses that are stored in KODAK's UK warehouse are semi finished. These lenses are produced in their manufacturing plants around the world, by injecting molten monomer into optical moulds which are then cured to give a semi finished lens with a perfect front surface with a precise optical curve on it. The back surface of the lens will be processed in their laboratory to a given curve. The combination of the moulded front curve with the processed back curve produces a lens of a given prescription.

A semi finished lens could be used as the starting point for lenses of many different prescriptions – the finished prescription will be determined by the amount of material that is processed away from the back surface and the curve that is left on this surface.

Step 2: Lens Design
After your Optician has tested your eyes and determined the prescription of the lenses you will require for your spectacles, let our team at Pretavoir know which type of KODAK Lenses will be best for you and we will work with you to take a number of facial measurements from you such as the distance between your pupils, to ensure the correct fit. Our skilled Lab Manager & Dispensing Optician will then work with KODAK to let them know your exact specifications. This information will be used to computer generate the best design for your lenses in terms of their appearance and optical performance – they will calculate exactly how we will process the back surface of the semi finished lens.


Step 3: Blocking
The perfect front surface of the semi finished lens is masked and protected throughout the lens production process. A metal ‘fixing block’ is attached to this surface at a very precise angle which is determined by your prescription. This ‘block’ allows the lens to be held in the generators in exactly the right position to produce the right lens curves for your prescription.


Step 4: Generating and Smoothing
The ‘blocked’ lenses go into the generating machines individually. The required curves are entered into the generators and automatic cutters then grind away, then smooth the back surface of the lens until the curves are exactly right for your prescription.


Step 5: Polishing & Step 6: Quality Control
The lenses next go through a thorough checking procedure to make sure that they precisely match the power and specifications that your Optician has ordered for you and that the lens surfaces are perfect.


Step 7: Coatings & Step 8: Kodak CleAR lens coating
Some lenses will just have a scratch resistant coating applied to them, but more and more people choose to have a Kodak CleAR or Clean’N’CleAR anti reflection Lens coating applied, as this makes the lenses much better to look at, and to look through, as there are no distracting reflections. KODAK CleAR and Clean’N’CleAR anti reflection Lens coatings are applied to your lenses in a high-pressure vacuum chamber. They are produced by the precise deposition of specially selected chemicals on the lens surface – 12 layers are applied to each side of the lens in a fully automated, computer controlled process. It is hard to believe but the thickness of this coating is less than 3 microns (i.e. less than the width of an average strand of hair).


Step 9: Glazing
Once your lenses have been coated, they will then be cut to the right shape for your frame using computer controlled glazing equipment – an automatic tracer follows the inside rim of your frame telling the machine the shape required, your measurements are entered and the edging machine then ‘edges’ the lens to the required shape.


Step 10: Finished Lenses

KODAK Clean&CleAR Lens

Lenses that stay cleaner for longer.

We know how frustrating it is when dirt and smudges on your glasses cloud your clear vision. That’s why we created KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses.

They’re specifically designed to actively repel dirt, grime and water, meaning that they stay cleaner for longer. Making them the perfect glasses lens replacement choice!

Improved contrast and colour perception.

What’s more, KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses come with a reflection-free finish that stops light from reflecting off the lenses. More light enters your eyes, which improves the quality of your vision. Our reflection free finish also reduces bright, irritating glare. Combined, this additional level of visual comfort helps to reduce the symptoms of eye strain, such as headaches and sore eyes.


KODAK BluProtect Lens

Blue light reflective glasses offer a new generation of lens technology. We know how important it is to protect our eyes from UV rays, but what about the effects of blue light rays?

A huge spectrum of coloured light rays make up sunlight, or white light, and each of these rays has different wavelengths and carries different levels of energy. Blue light rays carry some of the highest amounts of energy when compared to other light rays in the visible spectrum, and this has been linked to impact on our circadian rhythm. In other words, the internal body clock that controls our sleep and wake cycles.

Designed to filter out unwanted blue light

Blue light rays are present everywhere. They travel from the sun through our atmosphere, and they can also be found in artificial light sources, such as tablets and mobile phones, although on a much lower level. Some research has suggested that using screens around bedtime can disrupt our sleep patterns. Although this might not be the only reason we struggle to sleep at night, KODAK BluProtect Lens has been specifically designed with this in mind.


Better contrast and visual definition

KODAK BluProtect Lenses are designed to filter out unwanted blue light rays and allow light wavelengths that help regulate a healthy sleep cycle to pass through. They’re designed to efficiently manage light and make viewing over longer periods of time more comfortable, whilst increasing visual contrast. Objects are better defined, leaving you with clearer and sharper vision, and hopefully a great night’s sleep. 


Easy and effortless
Sometimes it can be difficult to adapt to new lenses, and many people that are prescribed with varifocal lenses are looking for an easy transition when wearing their new varifocal glasses for the first time.

The KODAK Easy Lens offers you exactly that, an effortless transition to varifocal lenses.

Perfect for first time wearers
The KODAK Easy Lens is also called a progressive lens, as it provides clear vision across all distances. It utilises the very latest in lens design technology to ensure a softer transition between the powers, which makes it ideal for first-time wearers as they adjust to progressive varifocal lenses. We’ve designed it to offer wider reading and intermediate distance areas, which promotes natural head and eye movements.

Create your perfect look

KODAK Easy Lenses are also suitable for almost all frame choices, to suit any look or style that you choose. They’re designed to be thinner and lighter, making them a great choice for anyone looking for their first pair of progressive varifocal lenses!



We know that when you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, you’re looking for sharp vision across all viewing distances. Our KODAK Unique Lens is a varifocal, that offers great value for money, as our KODAK Unique varifocal lens prices include the very latest technology to not only make them lighter and thinner but also sharper. Varifocal lenses are also known as a progressive lens, which provides clear vision at any distance, so it’s perfect for viewing anything. From movie screens to menus and everything in between, this lens has got you covered.

Clear vision right to the edge of the lens
We’ve designed KODAK Unique Lens specifically to feature a sharper transition between distance, intermediate and near vision. It offers improved image stability, which provides sharper horizontal vision when moving your head side to side. KODAK Unique Lenses also benefit from being produced digitally, which allows a wider viewing area with an excellent field of vision right to the very edge of the lens.

Everything you need in one pair of glasses
If you want to combine visual needs in one pair of glasses, KODAK Unique Lens is a great solution. The lenses are thinner and lighter for improved visual appearance, and they fit a huge variety of frame styles to help you create your perfect look!