Zeiss SmartLife Lenses

zeiss smartlife lenses



You will see clearly and retain sharp all day long with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses.

ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are supported by ZEISS SmartView Technology, which is based on applied research of today’s lifestyle, visual behaviour and individual, and age-related visual needs.

Whatever your age, you may have to deal with the visual effort that is part of this digital lifestyle. However your visual needs also change as you grow older, and anatomical and physiological changes of your eyes can lead to different visual challenges over time.

Connected and on-the-move lifestyle
More of us are connected in more ways than ever before. ZEISS SmartLife Lenses take your always connected, always on-the-move lifestyle into account.

Visual behaviour
Our lifestyle has an impact on our visual behaviour. We read more information on smaller devices at closer distances, and we significantly shift our gaze downwards.

Age-related needs
The lenses are designed to accommodate physical changes that affect your vision needs over time. So you can see clearly, near and far.

Available in four thicknesses, the Standard 1.5 index, Thin 1.6 and Super Thin 1.67 lenses all come with anti-reflective, polarised or Transitions® Signature® Gen 8 coatings. The Ultra-Thin 1.74 index lens is available with anti-reflective coating only.

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