Christian Roth Rina CRS010 01 Black and Rhodium

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Model Number: CRS010
Frame Colour: Black and Rhodium
Colour Code: 01
Frame Type: Full Rim
Frame Shape: Cat Eye
Material: Acetate
Lens Colour: Grey
Polarised: No
Lens Width: 61mm
Bridge Size: 11mm
Temple Length: 146mm
Our SKU: 86549

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24 Month Warranty with All Frames Purchased.

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This cat eye Christian Roth sunglass comes in a black and rhodium frame with grey lenses.

About Christian Roth:

Step into the captivating world of Christian Roth Eyewear, a brand that has been celebrated for its fearless approach to subverting the conventions of luxury fashion. Since its inception in 1983, Christian Roth has continually pushed boundaries, challenging outmoded concepts of beauty and function to empower individuals in their pursuit of self-expression. With a history spanning over three decades, Christian Roth sunglasses and glasses have become synonymous with avant-garde design, exceptional craftsmanship, and a relentless commitment to innovation.

Christian Roth first made a dazzling entrance onto the fashion scene in 1985 when the brand's sunglasses graced the runways. Their visionary designs caught the attention of industry heavyweights, leading to collaborations with renowned fashion shows and eyewear design teams. In a time before eyewear licenses were commonplace, Christian Roth filled a void by offering avant-garde frames that pushed the boundaries of creativity. Working with exceptional factories in Italy and France, the brand crafted extraordinary pieces that captured the imagination of fashion connoisseurs worldwide.

The groundbreaking achievements of Christian Roth were recognized when they became the first eyewear designer to be invited to join the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 1990. This was a testament to their unparalleled artistry and impact on the industry. In 2014, Christian Roth further solidified their position as a leader in eyewear design by becoming a founding executive member of Eyewear Designers of the CFDA (edCFDA). This prestigious affiliation highlights their ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining eyewear.

In an era of unparalleled disruption, Christian Roth embraces the opportunities presented by rapid technological advancements and shifting societal norms. They recognize that today's consumers seek styles and designs that defy traditional gender and social roles, allowing for a new paradigm of self-representation. Christian Roth seizes this exciting opportunity to challenge the norm, empowering individuals to explore fresh concepts of beauty and function.

Christian Roth Eyewear deconstructs its own rich archive to embark on a captivating dialogue with a generation that embraces a new wave of style and design. The brand revels in the ability to disrupt traditional notions of clarity and logic, using them in an emotive manner or rejecting them entirely. This emotive approach to design creates Christian Roth sunglasses and optical glasses that are not bound by conventions but allow wearers to express their individuality with confidence and audacity.

The subversive legacy that Christian Roth has cultivated over three decades has never been more relevant than it is today. A new generation boldly rejects the limitations imposed by racial, gender, and class labels, both in the fashion world and society at large. Christian Roth celebrates this cultural shift, providing a platform for self-expression that transcends boundaries and empowers individuals to embrace their unique identities.

Christian Roth continues to redefine the eyewear landscape. Each meticulously crafted frame from Christian Roth showcases the brand's unwavering dedication to excellence, with impeccable attention to detail and the use of premium materials.

As you explore the world of Christian Roth glasses and sunglasses, prepare to be captivated by designs that challenge conventions and celebrate individuality. With each pair of Christian Roth glasses, you embrace the legacy of a brand that has fearlessly defied expectations and opened new frontiers in luxury fashion. Discover the audacious beauty and avant-garde allure of Christian Roth today, and embark on a journey of self-expression that knows no limits.

Your brand new Christian Roth sunglasses will come including all official accessories and will be covered by a 24 month global warranty.

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