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Adidas Sunglasses

With a highly sport-focused product range, Adidas make sunglasses for athletes. Whether you're professional or you just play golf at the weekends, the same performance advantages can be gained by everyone.


Adidas concentrates on the needs of the athletes within each individual sport, and have made specific models aimed at golfers, runners and cyclists. The Adizero Sunglasses, for example, are aimed squarely at runners. For this design Adidas went for a lightweight frame with a contrast enhancing lens tint coupled with adjustability to offer the perfect fit. The result is a perfectly honed runner's pair of sunglasses, offering protection without being a burden.

For golf sunglasses, Adidas have created several golf-specific lens tints for all light conditions. These tints are designed to maximise the contrast of the green so you can easily pick out the hole, the ball and hopefully, the route between the two. All sunglasses come with the Quick Change Lens system, so you can easily switch between, say, a bright light lens and a low light lens as soon as the clouds roll in.

Adidas cycling sunglasses such as the Evil Eye also have unique features. They are specifically designed to be helmet compatible, featuring an integrated ventilation system to reduce fogging. In a crash (or if you sit on your sunnies!) the arms are designed to detach rather than snap off, so there's less chance you'll break them. Their wrap-around technology also increases eye protection as there is less chance of wind, insects and other small particles from entering your eye. This is particularly helpful if you are taking part in fast impact sports. 

With a long history of making some of the world's best sporting equipment, Adidas have created a highly technical range of sunglasses. They've tackled the issues of perfect fit, clarity of vision, and versatility in different light conditions and have come up with some really innovative solutions.


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