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Essilor Eyezen lenses are optimised single vision lenses that relax and protect your eyes. They help to fight eye strain so that you can lead a more comfortable life. Reduce and prevent eye fatigue symptoms. Better visual acuity in all gaze directions. The ultimate single vision lens.

Essilor eyezen lenses are enhanced everyday lenses, designed to reduce eye strain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices. So you can continue to do what you enjoy with comfortable vision.

A complete range of lenses designed for single vision digital device users, to help relax their eyes from their connected lives today while protecting their visual health for tomorrow.



Live your digital passions to the fullest with Eyezen lenses. With the combination of two innovations, Essilor Eyezen™ lenses provide visual comfort and protection, even on your most digital days.
  • Enhanced single vision lenses
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Helps protect from harmful blue light
  • Helps reduce visual fatigue
  • Improves the readability of small characters on digital devices.