How do I order online with my prescription?

When you have chosen your frame, click the 'Add Optical Lenses' button. You can then select 'Single Vision Lenses' for if you require glasses for reading or distance. 'Fashion Accessory' if you do not require prescription eyewear & 'Frame Only' if you would like to get your lenses fitted locally.

If you chose 'Single Vision Lenses' then you will have the option to upload your prescription which allows you to select or take a photo on a mobile phone, tablet, or select an image from your computer. Or if you would prefer, you can select 'Enter Manually' which will allow you to input the details for your OD + OS, we will also ask you to upload your prescription just so we can double check all the details in our lab. Your final option is to 'Email Later', this way you can
get in touch with our highly-trained customer service team via email. We'd recommend this method if you have any questions or special requests, our team can talk you through the ordering process.

You can find further information about ordering prescription glasses here.

How do I get a prescription?

Once you've had an eye examination at your Optician/Optometrist, you should be handed your prescription by law. If your Optician does not give you your prescription as standard, you should ask for this.

You may already have a prescription from a previous sight test, and providing it is still valid you can use that (prescriptions are normally valid for two years from the date of the eye examination).

If you have any difficulty please contact us and we would be happy to assist you further.

How much will my glasses cost?

Once you have chosen the frame you would like, click 'add optical lenses' then select your lens package from TruOptics, Essilor and ZEISS [which ranges from +£20.00 to +£800.00] and any additional coatings you may require such as anti-reflection, blue control and Drive. You can also add transitions if you wish to have your clear lenses turn brown or grey when you move into bright light.

You will then be quoted a price based on your prescription and package selection.

Please be aware, if you have a more complex prescription we may have to surface your lenses at an additional charge. A member of our qualified customer service team will be in touch once we have received and read your prescription to notify you of this cost [in most cases, this is approximately an additional £30 charge].

How do I measure my PD?

You can ask the store where you last purchased glasses for your PD [pupil distance] measurement as they will have measured and noted on your records. Unfortunately, as your request for this information is an indication that you are purchasing glasses online they may be reluctant to provide the PD. If this is the case please call or email our office at hello@pretavoir.co.uk and we will help you measure your PD manually.

We ask that the PD is provided for prescriptions greater than +/- 3.00 whilst lower prescriptions can be dispensed with an average value.

What size of glasses should I choose?

Glasses can come in all shapes and sizes and it can be a matter of personal choice what size of frame you go for.

You may notice that in the product pages of our site you have the option to choose multiple sizes, quite often 47mm, 50mm or 53mm. These numbers refer to the lens width - 47mm recommended for those looking for a smaller, more narrow frame, where as 53mm or above will provide you a much larger eyewear design.

The above graphic displays the four most common sizes that you will come across while browsing for frames. However, if you have a specific sizing question or request then please feel free to get in touch with our qualified team who will be able to assist.

If you currently wear glasses, you may find the size of your current frame imprinted in the inside arm. You will see values such as: 52 18 135, the first number lens diameter, the second is the bridge width and the last is frame length. We have them listed in the 'DETAILS' section on the right hand side of our product pages.

The first number in the above image refers to the lens width. As explained above, many of our brands design their frames in multiple sizes, quite often 47mm, 50mm or 53mm. This measurement is dictated by your eye size and is the horizontal width of the lens in millimeters. If you are measuring a current pair, then please ensure you measure the inside of the frame rather than the outside.

We often add the lens height to our product details, but this is less commonly featured on the inside leg of your frame, this is the vertical height of a lens and it is measured from the top to the bottom of the lens excluding the frame.

The second number on your glasses leg will tell you the bridge width. The bridge width is the gap above your nose and between the lenses, it is important this is comfortable for you to wear [not too tight where it may pinch your nose, and not too loose where it may fall off your face]. The second number in the example above informs us the bridge is 18mm.

The last number refers to the length of the side of your frame. Most commonly brands create their eyewear designs in usually 135mm, 140mm or 145mm. The side should be long enough to sit comfortably over your ears.


How do I know what lenses to choose?

We offer 4 lens options from standard to super-thin options. The stronger your prescription the higher index package you should choose.

All of our lenses come with an anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating as standard. Our lenses also come with a 24 month no quibble damage replacement promise - if you damage your lenses for any reason we will replace them. If you are unsure which lens to order please call our office and we will give you honest advice.

You can learn more about each of our brands, coatings and packages here.

Can I buy glasses without prescription lenses?

We understand that glasses can be the perfect fashion accessory so all you need to do is select 'Add Optical Lenses', then 'Fashion Accessory'.

Note that if you choose 'Frame Only', you will receive a dummy demo lens which often includes the brand logo which can obscure your vision.

Do you sell varifocal lenses?

Yes, however, we ask that you please get in touch with us before ordering so we can discuss your requirements.
You can find more information about Varifocal Lenses here.

Do you supply prescription glasses for children?

Supply of prescription glasses to those under 16 is not possible due to regulation set by The General Optical Council [39.11 Statutory Regulation]. This regulation states that the dispensing of prescription glasses by an unqualified person is not permitted by law to dispense to children under 16 and patients who are registered as severely visually impaired or visually impaired (blind or partially sighted).

However, you may purchase the 'frame only option' and have prescription lenses fitted in person by a registered optician in their practice. Sales of spectacles to those under sixteen or with serious visual impairment can only be made by, or under, the supervision of a registered practitioner.

Can I return prescription glasses ordered with free lenses?

If you choose a free lens option then your return refund will be reduced by a minimum £20 plus further deduction of any lens upgrades. Prescription eyewear is a custom item and will require further work and lens refitting before we can restock.

What is the maximum prescription that you dispense?

We will cater for single vision prescriptions in the range to +/- 8.00, however only where we can obtain accurate centration values for both monocular PD and heights. This range is reduced in the case of Varifocal Lenses where the maximum prescription is +/-6.00.


Who are Pretavoir?

Established in 2009, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality designer fashion and prescription eyewear.
As an authorised retailer, we work closely with the worlds largest eyewear suppliers to offer you the latest in designer luxury glasses and sunglasses.

You can find out more about each of our team members here.

Is Pretavoir an authorised retailer?

Yes, Pretavoir is supplied by all the major brands carried.
We only sell 100% authentic eyewear products.

We have accounts with Luxottica, Safilo, Marchon, Marcolin, Kering, Marcolin and Thélios. We do not purchase products from third parties and have complete security in the authenticity of our supply chain.

Please read some of our excellent reviews regarding both product quality and service on the reliable review site Trust Pilot.

Will my eyewear come with an authentication card?

Yes. In most cases, each official distributor will provide branded material such as case, lens sticker or authentication card which we will pack with your order.

How can I tell my eyewear is authentic?

We are supplied direct by the manufacturer and the sunglasses or glasses you receive will be purchased from the same source as those supplied to boutiques on Rodeo Drive - LA, Sloane St - London and to other Opticians worldwide.

Many premium items will have serial numbers printed on the frame and outer box. Brands such as Chanel have a serial number engraved right into the lens. Alongside these manufacturing & supply signifiers, our products are also supplied with official branded items such as drawstring bags, cases, cards and outer boxes. These anti-fraud measures allow you to verify the authenticity of your purchase.


Does my eyewear come with a warranty?

All sunglasses and glasses frames are covered by an international 24-month warranty.

This covers faults caused by a manufacturing defect and does not cover normal wear and tear of accidental damage. Sunglasses and glasses lenses are covered against manufacturing defects however not against scratches.

Free Gifts and Warranty

Free Gifts such as Free Sunglasses, glasses, pouches and other item for which no payment is made do not have a warranty. The also have no value as store credit or other financial value.


How can I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card: we accept American Express, VISA, Maestro & Mastercard. Or you can by PayPal or Amazon Pay.

All payments are done on a secure page and we do not store your card details nor share your information with any third parties.

How do I cancel or amend an order?

In some cases, we might be able to cancel or change an order before we dispatch it. In this case, you should call us as soon as possible with your name, order number and email address on either 0800 9545689 (UK) or +44 141 5525065 (International).

In the event the order has already been dispatched, you will need to return the order to our offices.

How long will my order take to arrive?

If your order is received before 3 pm BST Monday to Friday we aim to dispatch on the same day.

Please allow an extra 4-6 working days for prescription lens orders [in some circumstances this may take longer, but a member of our team will be in touch to advise once your order has been processed].

If your item showed "Pre-order" or "Dispatches in 6-10 days" at the time of your purchase then you should add 6-10 working days before the expected dispatch date.

COVID-19 Update: Please be aware your order may take a little while longer right now due to the global pandemic. We are working as quickly and as carefully as we can to fulfil your order however some courier companies are experiencing short delays. To find out more please Read Our Notice Concerning COVID-19.

Can I track my order?

Yes, when we dispatch your order you will receive a tracking number. Please allow a few hours after email to check progress online.

Can you deliver to my work address?

Yes, we're happy to do this. Items are considered delivered to you once signed for at your business premises. There are no exceptions to this, otherwise, you should have a delivery sent to your home address.

Do you offer Duty-Free shopping?

All orders are shipped from our offices in Scotland. If you are based in the United Kingdom or Europe you should not be faced with any customs charges. A
ll of our prices are inclusive of duty for customers within UK & EU, and Duty Free for all other countries.

The price at checkout for UK & EU customers is the fully landed cost, however if you are based in Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia, Faroe Islands or Montenegro you may still face additional fees. We recommend that you check your local import tax and duties so that you are aware if there will be anything further to pay upon delivery.

If you are in the United States we also cover your duties and taxes and you will have nothing further to pay.

If you are out with the UK, EU & US then you are responsible for any import duty/tax/custom charges that may be applied to an import. This is may be in addition to shipping charges. Please check local charges before placing an order. We are unable to refund extra charges that you may incur.

Do you price match?

We accept price match requests / challenges. We will take a look on a case by case basis. This is not a guaranteed price match.

Can I have my packaged delivered to a 'safe place'?

We do not recommend that you arrange a 'safe place' with your postal service or courier company. It is much safer to arrange a delivery for a day that you're definitely at your chosen shipping address [please remember our packages will not fit through your letter box and a signature is required for delivery].

If however you do request a 'safe place' delivery then this is at your own risk. Please ensure you have chosen a safe and secure location. In the instance of any loss, theft, or damage, you will not be covered by insurance or other recourse by Pretavoir. Any loss will be your responsibility and you may make a personal claim to your insurance service or selected delivery company.


Do you have any active discount codes?

We do not have any standard discount codes as all our prices are at maximum discount level. We recommend that you sign up for our Newsletter as occasionally we do issue promotional codes and VIP Sale Discounts.

Do you partake in Black Friday?

As Pretavoir is already a discounted retailer and our prices are already very competitive, we will not have large blanket reductions off our entire ranges on Black Friday. However, there will be some specific reductions that will be advertised on the days they become live. We work closely with our suppliers in order to offer you the best deals however we cannot provide advanced notice of the Black Friday offers.


Can I return prescription glasses?

Yes, we do accept prescription eyewear returns. However, as all items they must be unworn and with all packaging intact. If your glasses came with a tag attached, please ensure this is left on the frame.

Please note that we do not refund the cost of prescription lenses once the lenses have been ordered as they are a custom-made item. If you choose a free lens option then your return refund will be reduced by a minimum £20 plus further deduction of any lens upgrades. Prescription eyewear is a custom item and will require further work and lens refitting before we can restock.

Can I return prescription glasses ordered with free lenses?

If you choose a free lens option then your return refund will be reduced by a minimum £20 plus further deduction of any lens upgrades. Prescription eyewear is a custom item and will require further work and lens refitting before we can restock.

Can I get a refund on the cost of prescription lenses?

No, you cannot get a refund on the cost of your lenses as prescription glasses or sunglasses are a customised item. If you wish to return these then we will refund the full cost of the frame however we will not refund the cost of the prescription lenses.

If you are not sure of what prescription eyewear you want to buy or if a different frame will fit your current lenses then we suggest that you purchase frame only first to try. Then return the frame to have lenses custom made for that model once you are certain of your purchase.

I want to try on some glasses at home - how many can I order?

We ask that you order 1-3 frames to try at home. Please note that they must be paid for in full.
We will provide a full refund for any/all items returned. Please ensure that products are returned unworn and with all accessories supplied. We can only offer refunds for items that still have the tags attached.

Please note that orders for 4 or more items where all items are returned will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. We recommend that you consider ordering 3 or fewer. Please note that multiple orders where sum is greater than 4 will be subject to same condition i.e. if 2 orders are placed in same week with a total number of items greater than 4 then there will be a restocking fee applied if all items returned.

Is there a charge to try glasses at home?

If your order(s) is for 3 or fewer items there is no restocking fee.
If you order 4 or more then any returned items are subject to 10% restocking and handling charge. We recommend that you limit your order to 3 items. Please note that it is not possible to make multiple orders to avoid this fee as multiple orders from same address will be combined and subject to this same charge.

How do I return an item?

If you would like to arrange a return, please contact us by phone or email with your full name, order number and reason for return. We will provide you with the relevant return information required.

Please ensure that products are returned unworn and with all accessories supplied. We can only offer refunds for items that still have the tags attached. For further information please visit our returns page.

I received the incorrect item, what should I do?

All our stock is quality checked at the time of packing, our team will double check your eyewear against your invoice to ensure you're receiving the correct item. In the unlikely event that you receive an incorrect item, please send an email to hello@pretavoir.co.uk with your order number/name in the subject of the email and we will have someone contact you regarding this.

My item arrived but it is damaged, what do I do?

We always pack your eyewear in a durable cardboard box, wrap your glasses or sunglasses box in tissue paper before packing it into a sealed envelope. If your package arrives damaged, please take images of the box and frame immediately then email or team with your full name, email and order number.

If your order is not as described we can help you resolve it as quickly as possible.
Our email address is hello@pretavoir.co.uk, our UK telephone number is 0141 552 5065 and our International number is 00 44 141 552 5065. You must make contact within 48 hours of receiving item.

How long does a refund take?

When we receive your return, we will inspect, and if item is unworn and with security tag still intact we will process refund within 48 hours of arrival.

You should ensure that your return is posted with a tracked service so that you can check on delivery progress yourself.

If you paid with Paypal or Amazon, then the refund will go back to your account right away. If you paid using a Credit or Debit Card then you should expect to see the refund in your online account within 48 - 72 hours. Please wait 5 days after arrival here before calling or emailing to check on progress as it will often take 5-7 days to complete.

Let us know if your question has not been answered in any of the above sections. Our team are always on stand-by to help!

You can contact us by emailing hello@pretavoir.co.uk, calling on 0800 954 5689 (UK Freephone) or +44 0141 552 5065 (from outside of the UK). Our talk to us using our Live Chat, our team are available 24/7 - just click here or the small black circle to the left of your screen. Please start your correspondance with your full name, contact details and order number.