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Varifocals / Multifocals are lenses that contain more than one prescription in one lens. As our eyes mature we start to require additional magnification for reading and whereas you may have previously only required distance glasses you may now(usually starting in early 40s) need distance and separate reading correction. If you previously did not require glasses at all, you may only require a reading prescription.

Essentially combining the functions of your reading glasses and distance glasses, this lens type is much more convenient than two separate pairs of glasses. Also, compared to single vision lenses which blur your distance vision, varifocal lenses provide clear vision at all distances.

We offer lenses from all brands such as BBGR, Nikon, Hoya, Zeiss, Essilor, TruOptics and many more. Please get in touch and speak to one of our advisors for more information.

We have a team of Advisors with experience for you to talk to today. Reach out to our team on Live Chat, Phone or Email .

How do I Order Varifocal Lenses?

Once you have chosen the frame you can then add Varifocal lenses to the order. We have three Varifocal Lens types; TruOptics represents and entry level product and excellent value for money. TruOptics HD is a premium lens manufactured using FreeForm Digital Technology. For those who prefer the best technology the Zeiss Precision Plus Varifocal gives you the very widest most comfortable vision.

Once we receive your order we will be in touch to explain the fitting process. First, to get your specific varifocal measurements we will send you the frame only. We then ask that you have some photographs taken of you wearing the frame.

We suggest you ask a friend to help with this as ‘selfie’ style photographs or those taken in a mirror will not allow us to obtain an accurate measurement. The camera needs to be at least 10 feet [or 3 meters] away and level with your eyes. It is really important that the photograph is well lit, in focus and is good image of the position of the frame on your face. Please ensure we can clearly see your eyes through the lenses.

Once you have some good photos you then email them to

We will then check that the are sufficiently clear for us to take accurate measurements and reply to confirm that you can return the frame. We will then order lenses so that there is minimum delay between receiving frame back and fitting your chosen Varifocal lenses and getting the complete order back to you.

How Much Do Varifocals Cost?

We offer varifocals across two different brands: TruOptics & Zeiss - you can find general information about these brands and their prescription packages on our ‘Selecting Prescription Lenses’ page.


TruOptics                           Entry Level                   From £80

TruOptics HD                     Digital Technology         From £150

Zeiss Precision Plus             Premium Choice             From £225

Essilor X-Series                   Advanced Technology     From £295


Further Options are available including Blue Block Coatings, Drive Enhanced Coating and Light Reactive Transitions Lenses.

How Do I Purchase Glasses Online?

You can find out more about ordering online, choosing your lenses and finding a frame to suit your face.
However, if you have any questions at all about varifocals please get in touch. You can email us at, chat to us on our live chat or call us on: 0141 552 5065.