TruOptics Lenses are available in a range of materials from standard 1.5 index to super thin 1.74 to ensure your lenses are thin and lightweight to suit your prescription.

Add the latest Satin+ option to make the lens super tough, extra clear and easier to keep clean. Enjoy Satin+ 24 month no quibble lens replacement if you scratch or damage your lenses.

If you spend hours each day using a computer screen then you may benefit from choosing TruOptics with Satin+ Blue (previously Blue Max Ultra) which helps filter the blue light emitted from screens. This light is shown to cause eye fatigue and also interrupt sleep patterns and wearers report more comfort with this latest generation coating.

Transitions 8 lens technology allows you combine sunglasses and clear glasses in one lens. This material quickly tints to sunglasses outdoors and fades back to clear glasses indoors. TruOptics, a quality comprehensive choice.

Optician Approved Lenses manufactured with the latest technology and materials to give you precise, comfortable vision.

 Satin+ lenses are designed to give you excellent clear vision each and every day. This enhanced anti reflection coating allows 99.5% of all light through the lens and into your eye giving you the best possible contrast. The reduction in reflections at the front surface causing less distraction.This is particularly noticeable when driving and using computer screens. Anti Reflection technology also gives much better cosmesis and when someone is lookin directly at you they see your eyes and not a reflection of themselves. These lenses also prevent the reflections from glasses otherwise seen in photographs. The Satin+ technology also helps keep the lens clean. This is achieved by their anti smudge and hydrophobic/water repellent properties. Moisture and water forms droplets and runs off the repellent super smooth surface. The Satin+ layer is much smoother than a normal lens under microscope and it is this that prevents objects catching on and damaging the surface. The enhanced surface properties and level of scratch resistence allows us to offer a 24 month no quibble warranty against scratches even those caused by accidental damage.


With people spending an increasing amount of time using screens and digital devices in their daily lives, many complain of digital eye strain, or “computer vision syndrome”. Satin+ Blue lenses are designed for everyday use, and may help to alleviate these symptoms when using digital devices and screens. Wearers report a reduction in Dry Eye, Tiredness and Headaches. Satin + Blue has a slight tint to help reduce light intensity.


Transitions Signature Generation 8 lenses are the result of an ongoing commitment to innovation. It is the first time since 2005 that Transitions Optical has made major changes and improvements in both the matrix and the dyes. It’s the combination of these that delivers new breakthrough technology based on what patients want: an improvement in outdoor darkness, activation speed and fade back speed without compromising the level of indoor clarity and protection from UV and harmful blue light. Protection, outdoor darkness, full indoor clarity, responsiveness and long-lasting performance. Using a multi-dimensional approach, Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses deliver a new frontier of performance—without sacrificing any one dimension performance.


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