Zeiss Photofusion X with built in Blue Light Filter

PhotoFusion X Clear to Dark


You want your lenses to be as clear as possible in dim, indoor conditions, but also need protection from irritating glare and harmful UV radiation when you are outside.

Super Fast Reaction Times


Photofusion X Lenses have super fast fade back when you move from outdoors tinted lens condition to indoors.

Blue Light Filter


Because our lives have become more digital, there’s a big increase in the awareness of blue light and its impact on perceived digital eye strain among people of all ages.

Full UV Protection


Ensure your eyes have full protection against the harmful UV rays and from Blue light emitted from Digital Devices.





ZEISS PhotoFusion X is a high performance photochromic lens that has been specifically engineered to meet your needs for speed-to-clear, blue light protection, and UV protection. ZEISS has redesigned its photochromic system to provide industry-leading transition speeds, increased darkness, superior UV and blue light protection.


Your will be protected both indoors and out thanks to cutting-edge photochromic technology that uses ZEISS BlueGuard as a base material and features the sunglass-level UV protection of ZEISS UVProtect. In any scenario, the new ZEISS PhotoFusion X provides exceptional blue light and UV protection.


A Brand-New Photochromic System With Zeiss PhotoFusion X

ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses have a far more efficient photochromic technology than prior self-tinting lenses. It contains a new generation of specially created and patented dyes in a more open carrier matrix for faster transition, allowing them to be clearer indoors, darker outdoors, and react faster than prior generations.


Speed in Transition is Important

Patients commonly purchase various prescription lenses, including clear lenses, sunglasses, and, more recently, blue light protection eyewear. However, having several types of prescription eyeglasses can be costly and inconvenient for some.


When individuals are inside, they prefer their lenses to be clearer. Their eyes feel light and bright when they venture outside, and they desire sunglasses that give comfortable protection. When arriving indoors, early versions of photochromic glasses were either excessively dark or too sluggish to clear; slow fade-back speed is a visual annoyance, as it’s difficult to see indoors with dark lenses, and it can be embarrassing in social situations.

Some Quick Stats

  • PhotoFusion® X Grey clears up to 1.5 times faster than the newest generation grey from the most popular photochromic brand.
  • When comparing the average fade-back speed to an interpolated time of 80%T, PhotoFusion® X Pro Grey is up to 4.5 times faster to clear than the most common photochromic brand’s newest generation grey.
  • PhotoFusion® X Brown was twice as quick as the most recent brown from the same company.



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