Prescription Lens?

We offer a variety of lens brands and packages to best meet your requirements. We offer a range of brands from entry level to premium, from standard thickness to thinnest and advanced coatings to help ensure your eyewear is fitted with the most appropriate lenses to your requirements and budget

Selecting Your
Lens Brand

We offer three different lens brands with a selection of options to suit your vision, lifestyle and budget requirements. We hope you find the best option for you if you have any questions or require assistance making your decision please contact us on live chat, phone or email. 

At PRETAVOIR, all our lenses come with anti-reflection and
scratch resistant coatings as standard however we recommend that you can also upgrade your lenses with one of the lens features on order depending on your eyewear needs.


Entry Level

TruOptics lenses provide you the clear, comfortable and true view of the world. With care and precision, the TruOptics team have ensured that every detail provides you with sharp and crisp vision. Every TruOptics Lens is individually crafted to a high standard, providing you with the richest, most vibrant colours imaginable.


Premium Level

Essilor are world leaders for spectacle lenses. Correct, protect and enhance your vision with our lens solutions. Their optical lenses are systematically developed, tested and validated by people like you, because Essilor only want to create innovations that are relevant to you and it’s their commitment to innovate visual solutions built around you.


Ultimate Level

The leading manufacturer in the optical lens field, Zeiss lenses are super high-quality and designed with exceptional manufacturing processes. Zeiss is dedicated to improving your sight in all light conditions and experiences through improved contrast and colour vision technology. Zeiss Research and Development pushes the boundaries of lens technology. The precision with which they produce optical lenses ensures your eyes are provided with the honest and most accurate prescription. Further groundbreaking lens technology found in the Duravision coating gives you the hardest, most scratch resistant and transparent material available today. You can read more about Zeiss Lenses

Lens Coatings

Enhanced Anti
Reflection Coatings

All our lenses are supplied with standard hard and anti reflection coatings. However we also offer the option to upgrade to latest generation coating technologies. Each of our suppliers offer such; Essilor Crizal Easy UV and Zeiss Duravision Plus. This latest advancement ensures lenses are more scratch resistant and easier to keep clean. We are so confident of their performance that we provide a no quibble 24 month warranty against scratches whatever the cause.

Blue Control

Blue light is emitted from display screens such as phones, tablets and computer screens. It has been reported by studies that blue coating filters help reduce unwanted side effects of blue light such as interference with your sleep quality, screen-induced migraines and eye strain.


Transition lenses are lenses that darken in sunlight and lighten inside and away from UV light.

These lenses are a convenient option if you nd yourself switching between standard lenses to your sunglasses. Transition lenses provide you with the benefit of only needing one pair of glasses that adapt to your surroundings meanwhile and give full protection against UV in tinted and non tinted status.


Drivesafe lenses are designed with the demands of night and day driving in mind. The advanced coating helps reduce glare from oncoming headlights and maximise visual clarity during difficult periods such as low light dusk conditions. This is a lens designed to be worn for all normal day time tasks whilst providing enhanced vision when driving.

Selecting Your
Lens Package

We then offer 4 lens options from standard to super-thin, the stronger your prescription the higher index package you should choose: 1.74 (Platinum) is the thinnest lens available whilst the regular thickness 1.5 (Standard) is the thickest lens option.

If you have a higher prescription choose 1.67 or 1.74 whilst those with lower prescriptions can choose 1.5 or 1.6 index. You can ask your Optician for guidance or why not contact us by phone, email or live chat. We will be able to give you advice on the best option for you.


Standard: These are the thickest lens we offer. A 1.5 lens package provides you with clear, optical-grade lenses and comes as standard with hard and anti
reflection coating


Thin: This is our mid-index option which provides a lightweight and thinner lens option and comes as
standard with hard and
anti-reflection coating


Thinner: This is a high index
option for higher prescriptions.
This is thinner and lighter than 1.5 and 1.6 lens options and comes as standard with hard and anti reflection coatings.


Thinnest: This is the thinnest lens option available and can be used to reduce the edge thickness of higher prescriptions. It comes as
standard with hard and anti
reection coatings


All prices shown in GBP. Please ask our customer service team for more information on +44 141 552 5065 or hello@pretavoir.co.uk

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