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Bolle Sunglasses are one of the most technologically advancing sunglasses on the market today. Portraying innovation and a strong sense of modern design, their eyewear collection consists of goggles and sunglasses suitable for a range of sports. The brand directs their sportswear towards those participants of cycling and golf, as well as water and snow sports. The brand is known for immense quality products that offer an extensive amount of protection no matter what activity you may be partaking in.


Bolle Sunglasses Style

Bolle Sunglasses offer modernity and sleek unique designs. Their eyewear collection ranges from lifestyle wear to performance wear meaning that there is a suitable pair for everyone. You can recognise the brand from the prominent Bolle logo which is usually displayed along the temple of the glasses. The wraparound design displayed in a vast amount of their products ensures utmost protection to the eye area. This makes them perfect for fast-paced sporting activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and cycling. Bold and colourful designs make these sunglasses stand out wherever you may be. Stay stylish while partaking in sports and opt for a pair of Bolle shades.


Bolle - Over 130 Years of Experience

Bollé was created in Oyonnax, France and was one of the first companies to use a new type of celluloid. The brand aimed to stay at the forefront of innovation and were pioneering in moulded Nylon. This allowed Bollé to meet the highest standard of safety products. Then in 1960, Bollé were the first to market Ski goggles which took the business from a small cottage to a prominent manufacturer of premium eyewear.

Bollé, to this day, delivers the highest quality cycling sunglasses for performance and protection. The team at Bollé are constantly refining their trademark combination of fit, fashion, and comfort. This results in some of the freshest and most technologically advanced eyewear in the industry.


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