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Patrick Mahomes Sunglasses

Patrick Mahomes sunglasses have become a huge talking point in the United States athletic world and in the NFL industry. 


Dive into the world of Patrick Mahomes, the trailblazing quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, whose impact on and off the football field extends to the realm of fashion. Beyond his unparalleled athletic prowess, Mahomes has emerged as a style icon, making waves with his bold and unique fashion choices.

Known for his fearless approach to style, Mahomes effortlessly combines athletic chic with streetwear flair. Whether he's donning custom-tailored suits for formal occasions or rocking streetwear-inspired ensembles, Mahomes' wardrobe reflects his penchant for pushing fashion boundaries.

At the heart of Mahomes' fashion narrative is his distinctive choice of eyewear. The NFL star has become synonymous with Oakley, a renowned American eyewear brand celebrated for its innovation and clarity. Oakley sunglasses, a staple in Mahomes' accessory arsenal, are favoured not only for their sleek and sporty design but also for their exceptional visual performance in diverse conditions.

Oakley x Mahomes: A Powerful Collaboration

The synergy between Patrick Mahomes and Oakley goes beyond mere endorsement. In 2020, Mahomes took centre stage in Oakley's New Signature Series Collection campaign, embodying the spirit of authenticity and resilience. This collaboration wasn't just about sunglasses; it was a platform for Mahomes to share invaluable insights, inspire aspiring athletes, and champion the pursuit of dreams.

Mahomes' preferred sunglasses style reflects his dynamic lifestyle. Sporting a blend of sporty aesthetics with a modern edge, his choices perfectly complement his bold fashion statements and illustrious career. At PRET, you can now explore and embrace the essence of Mahomes' eyewear collection, curated for those who seek not only style but also a vision of clarity.

Elevate your look and channel the Mahomes vibe – where athleticism meets impeccable style.


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