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Round Glasses

Round glasses have been a key fashion trend for many years, excelling in the 60s and 70s to be exact. In fact, in the 1200s-1300s, glasses were initially made in a round lens shape with no temples. The glasses were made with either wooden or leather frames, and sat perched upon the nose. The glasses were usually held or balanced on the nose while being used. This timeless frame shape then evolved in the fashion scene in the 60s/70s era when icons such as Elton John, John Lennon, and John Denver were seen wearing the style. To this day, round, clear lens glasses are still connected to John Lennon and the counterculture hippie era. 

What Face Shape Best Suits Round Glasses? 

The type of glasses that you settle on usually reflect on the shape of your face. Although, sometimes, it comes down to personal preference and the style that one is aiming to achieve. Round glasses are known to soften sharp facial features, adding balance, and are well suited to both men and woman. Those with a rectangular or square face shape would likely benefit from choosing a round or oval style of glasses. Round eyewear also compliments those with a softer face shape, including an oval or heartshaped facial structure. Those with a wider face shape may find that round glasses blend in with their facial structure a little too much. If that is the case, square or rectangle frames may be better suited. 

Style and individualisation now play a key role in the eyewear fashion industry and no style is less or more favoured than another as it comes down to personal preference. Some of our favourite celebs who have been seen sporting this style recently include David Beckham, Emily Ratajkowski, and Jamie Dorman

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