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Smith was founded in 1965 by Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist and avid skier. Dr. Smith was frustrated with the goggles and sunglasses available at the time, which didn't provide adequate protection or performance for outdoor sports enthusiasts. So he set out to create a better solution. His first product was hand built in his dental office - the first sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam goggles. He began working out of his garage and selling them out of his van on weekend ski trips in Utah and Colorado. Bob Smith was refining the goggle design. Taking his innovation, he started producing his 'Smith Original Ski Goggles' in 1969 in Colorado before moving to Idaho in 1971.

By 1979, Smith had introduced the 'Turbo Fan' constant air management system, which operated a micro-fan just on the brow of the goggle. This was the first goggle with an active ventilation system. This intention was followed by the 'Roll Off Film' in 1984, which was designed for moto goggles that would provide riders with mud and dust-free vision on demand. By 1989, Smith goes by 'Smith Sport Optics, Inc.', and by 1995 the brand began partnering with world-renowned design lab IDEO. This partnership redefined sport sunglasses as we know them.

Performance, Style, and Innovation: Discover The World Of Smith Sunglasses

One of the unique features of Smith sunglasses is the proprietary ChromaPop lens technology, which enhances colour and clarity for a more vivid and natural visual experience. Smith also offers a range of lens tints and coatings specifically designed for different activities and environments, from skiing and snowboarding to fishing and cycling. With a rich history of innovation and commitment to excellence, Smith Optics is a leader in the industry and a favourite among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.


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