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Spike Lee Sunglasses

Spike Lee Sunglasses and his long-term connection to the Cazal brand is an iconic partnership in the eyewear industry.

Spike Lee is an American filmmaker, actor, and producer known for his unique and influential films and bold fashion choices that are particularly iconic from the 80s hip-hop period. His eyewear style is distinctive, and frames have become a signature part of his style. He is known for favouring square-shaped frames with a retro-vintage feel to them. Spike Lee has been a long-term fan of the German eyewear brand Cazal and was one of the icons who brought recognition to the brand name, expanding Cazal's reputation. He most notably wore the 607 design, easily recognised for its thick, bold rims and gold accents on the temples. Spike also wore these frames in several of his films, including "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcolm X". Recently, Cazal released a new take on the classic Cazal 607 design, and they have become highly sought-after by fans and collectors alike.  

To this day, Lee is still a huge fan of eyewear and his everyday looks are paired with a pair of frames. Shop his collection at Pretavoir. 



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