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Zeiss Precision Plus Varifocals give your eyes superb all round quality of vision from far to near and in between.Clear vision with enhanced performance for the digital world. Precise optics physiologically fitted to the wearer's face. Tailor-made to meet individual wearers’ requirements. Zeiss Precision Optics from Pretavoir.

Carl Zeiss Vision pioneered an exciting new category of lenses that combines “real-time” optical design with precision digital surfacing technology. Carl Zeiss Vision has remained at the leading edge of this technology with a variety of optically customized lens solutions that continue to represent the most advanced progressive lenses available. Ongoing advancements in research and development have stimulated continuous product improvement by extending the optical performance of these lenses with additional forms of customization, further closing the gap between lens designs and the unique vision requirements of eyeglass wearers. Eyecare professionals are increasingly aware of the potential visual benefits of lenses optically designed in real time, immediately prior to fabrication using a “free-form” or “digital surfacing” manufacturing platform. Because ordinary progressive lenses are produced from semi-finished lens blanks that are factory-molded in mass quantity, these lenses cannot account for the visual requirements of individual wearers. Due to the massive product development and inventory costs associated with semi-finished progressive lenses, each lens design is typically available in only a handful of combinations of base curve and addition power.


Although certain wearers may enjoy the intended optical performance in ordinary progressive lenses, many wearers must tolerate reduced optical performance as their prescription or fitting requirements depart from the assumptions used to design the semi-finished lens blanks (Figure 1). Standard and shortcorridor progressive lenses also accept optical compromises in order to minimize the number of lens blanks required. Optical performance can be maximized, however, by tailoring the optics of the progressive lens design to the unique visual requirements of the individual wearer.


Zeiss Precision Plus Varifocal lenses represent the pinnacle of Vision Research and are a considered and qualitative choice for your eyes.

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