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Barton Perreira Rimless Collection: Inspired By Music Legends

Barton Perreira Rimless Collection: Inspired By Music Legends

Barton Perreira, the luxury eyewear brand known for timeless designs, proudly presents "The Rimless Collection." This limited-edition line of sunglasses and optical glasses features innovative floating lenses in charmingly provocative shapes and colours, creating a heightened sense of luxury. 

Patty Perreira, the designer and co-founder, drew inspiration from early 20th-century fashion, resulting in ultra-lightweight designs. Unisex silhouettes with 24K Gold plated hardware and vivid Japanese lenses offer a captivating experience. The Rimless Collection's minimalist and sleek aesthetic prioritises comfort and fit, with a range of sizes and silhouettes to match any unique style.

Fashion and music have always shared a close bond, inspiring and influencing one another. This collection of both opticals and sunglasses brings together iconic names mentioned in famous songs, celebrating the harmonious blend of music and fashion. In a recent interview, Patty Perreira shared her design inspiration, emphasizing a desire to create luxury with a free-spirited style while drawing inspiration from early 20th-century fashion and adhering to the brand's commitment to crafting enduring, luxurious products.

The Rimless Collection is now available on Pret a Voir, each frame named after the names of people who have been mentioned in songs, spanning three decades of music. Let's take a look...



Barton Perreira Angie BP0255 2UM

Barton Perreira Angie BP0255 2UM - The Rolling Stones, "ANGIE" 1973



Barton Perreira Gloria BP0257 2TY

Barton Perreira Gloria BP0257 2TY - The Kinks, "GLORIA" 1964



Barton Perreira Jude BP0258 2UJ

Barton Perreira Jude BP0258 2UJ - The Beatles, "HEY JUDE" 1968



Barton Perreira Roxanne BP0260 2UK

Barton Perreira Roxanne BP0260 2UK - The Police, "ROXANNE" 1978



Barton Perreira Quinn BP0259 2UA

Barton Perreira Quinn BP0259 2UA - Manfred Mann, "THE MIGHTY QUINN Eric Clapton, (QUIN THE ESKIMO)" 1968



Barton Perreira Layla BP5308 1AJ

Barton Perreira Layla BP5308 1AJ Eric Clapton, "LAYLA" 1970



Barton Perreira Jolene BP5306 2UI

Barton Perreira Jolene BP5306 2UI Dolly Parton, "JOLENE" 1973



Barton Perreira Kiki BP5307 0FC

Barton Perreira Kiki BP5307 0FC - Drake, "IN MY FEELINGS" 2018



Barton Perreira Jack BP5305 0GF

Barton Perreira Jack BP5305 0GF - The Rolling Stones, "JUMPIN' JACK FLASH" 1968



Barton Perreira Tom BP5309 2UG

Barton Perreira Tom BP5309 2UG - David Bowie, "SPACE ODDITY (MAJOR TOM)" 1969



Barton Perreira Bennie BP5304 0FC

Barton Perreira Bennie BP5304 0FC - Elton John, "BENNIE & THE JETTS" 1973



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