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Sarah Hoover Barton Perreira eyewear collection

Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover: Delia Sunglasses

Introducing the 'Delia' Frames: A Celebration of Women's Creativity

At Pretavoir, we're thrilled to unveil our latest eyewear collection - the 'Delia' frames by Barton Perreira. These sunglasses aren't just fashion accessories; they're a tribute to creativity, empowerment, and the vision of inspiring women.

Founded by Patty Perreira, Barton Perreira is synonymous with innovation and independence in eyewear design. Their commitment to pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with our values, making this collaboration a natural fit.


The 'Delia' Frame: Artistry in Eyewear

The 'Delia' frames are part of a series celebrating creative, self-made women breaking barriers across industries. It's a tribute to their passion, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Available in three stunning colours, are a reflection of Sarah's personal style and artistic perspective. These sunglasses offer more than sun protection; they exude unwavering style with chic curves and vibrant colours, reminiscent of 90s fashion. The oversized silhouette adds a modern edge, making them a versatile accessory.


Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 0GEBarton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 0GE


Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 2EO

Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 2EO


Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 2UE

Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 2UE


Meet Sarah Hoover: The Muse Behind the Frames

Our second release in the Women's Collation is in collaboration with Sarah Hoover, a multifaceted personality known for her roles as an Art Curator, Fashion Writer, mother, and 90's culture historian. Sarah's dynamic presence in art, fashion, dance, non-profit, and literature spheres is awe-inspiring.

Sarah Hoover Barton Perreira sunglasses collection


Sarah Hoover's artistic touch extends to the cleaning cloth, featuring artwork co-created with talented fine artist Hiba Schahbaz. Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, and now residing in Brooklyn, NY, Hiba's journey is a testament to resilience. Her art, crafted with unconventional materials, often centres on women's bodies and self-portraiture, providing a canvas for women to reclaim their narratives.


Sarah Hoover Barton Perreira pink Delia sunglassesShop Barton Perreira X Sarah Hoover Delia BP0256 2UE (pictured above)


Supporting a Worthy Cause

By choosing the 'Delia' frame, you're not just accessorising; you're supporting the empowerment of women in the arts and beyond. Shop now to own a piece of this remarkable collaboration and make a statement that transcends fashion.

The 'Delia' frames by Barton Perreira are more than eyewear; they're a fusion of art and fashion, a tribute to remarkable women, and a symbol of empowerment. Explore the collection today and be a part of the celebration of independent, creative women who are shaping our world.

A portion of the 'Delia' frames' profits will be donated to Sarah Hoover's chosen non-profit, The Art Production Fund (APF). This women-led organisation commissions ambitious public art projects and raises awareness through contemporary art.


Shop our full Barton Perreira Collection of sunglasses and glasses.




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