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Beyonce's Sunglasses: Renaissance Tour

Beyonce's Sunglasses: Renaissance Tour

After a long seven-year break, Beyonce has seamlessly reclaimed her rightful place in the spotlight, rekindling waves of anticipation and enthusiasm. As she takes centre stage in her worldwide Renaissance Tour alongside daughter Blue Ivy, she has not only been captivating the audience with an outstanding performance but has also showcased an exceptional bespoke designer ensemble for each show. Throughout her tour, which commenced in May this year, Beyoncé has been mesmerising audiences across the globe with her distinctive fashion choices, reaffirming her unshakable prowess (which, let's be honest, was never in doubt). A constant motif emerges as the tour continues, revealing Queen Bey's profound affinity for adorned, bedazzled, and audacious wardrobe selections. With high-end luxury houses curating custom-made ensembles for the world-renowned artist, it is impossible to overlook the sheer artistry that goes into crafting her iconic looks. The performer has also elevated her stage presence by pairing sunglasses with many outfits, adding a layer of sophistication and style. From classic Prada frames to over-the-top Anna-Karin Karlsson designs, let's look at our favourite shades worn by Mrs Carter herself that you can easily add to your wardrobe. 



Beyonce sunglasses worn in Las Vegas on Renaissance Tour
Beyonce sunglasses worn in Las Vegas during Renaissance Tour
In her captivating Las Vegas performance, Beyoncé donned an exclusive ensemble from Dundas World, skillfully curated by the Norwegian designer Peter Dundas. To complete her striking look, she adorned herself with avant-garde frames provided by the esteemed French fashion house, Givenchy. The opportunity to own the very same sunglass as Queen Bey is now at hand with Givenchy's Giv Cut GV40049I 02A sunglasses.
Beyonce also wowed in the silver version of the frames (pictured below) while in St Louis. Coming soon to Pretavoir. 
 Beyonce wearing silver Givenchy Giv Cut sunglasses on Renaissance Tour


Beyonce wearing Loewe Paula's Ibiza LW40108I 01C with Silver Mirror on her Renaissance TourShop Loewe Paula's Ibiza LW40108I 01C with Silver Mirror


Beyonce sunglasses Cardiff Show Renaissance World Tour
Beyonce sunglasses Cardiff Show Renaissance World Tour
In May, Beyoncé left her Cardiff audience in awe as she graced the stage in a bespoke silver embellished jumpsuit from Spanish luxury house LOEWE. Accompanying this stunning ensemble were LOEWE's latest season of "wave mask" sunglasses in a matching hue. For those seeking opulence and an unmistakable presence, the Loewe LW40108I sunglasses offer the perfect combination of luxury and bold statement.
Beyonce sunglasses Toronto Renaissance World Tour
In the early days of July, in the city of Toronto, Beyoncé took centre stage adorned in none other than her very own creation from her fashion brand, Ivy Park. With a confident stride, she graced the Canadian stage bedecked in a mesmerising sequin camo ensemble. Elevating the audacity of her attire, Mrs Carter crowned her look with a pair of oversized black LOEWE sunglasses. If you're captivated by this boldness, you can effortlessly embrace it with the LOEWE LW40104I 01A sunglasses, ensuring your style mirrors Beyonce's in every stunning detail. 
Beyonce Loewe X Paulas Ibiza LW40109U 66A
It is no surprise that LOEWE, the esteemed fashion house, currently holds the coveted title of the world's most in-demand brand. This acclaim is solidified by none other than Queen Bey herself, who recently made a stunning appearance in Inglewood, California, at the start of September. She graced the occasion wearing a breathtaking custom-made LOEWE catsuit, elegantly complemented by matching gloves and the brand's Paula's Ibiza flame sunglasses. Shop Beyoncé's exact style with the Loewe X Paulas Ibiza LW40109U 66A sunglasses. 

Anna-Karin Karlsson

Beyonce sunglasses and outfit in St Louis Missouri on Renaissance World Tour
In the vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri, Beyoncé graced the scene this month donning a bespoke Tiffany & Co. ensemble that exuded pure glitz and glamour. Elevating the brilliance, she crowned the ensemble with Anna-Karin Karlsson's Shady Luv sunglasses, adorned with glistening crystals and boasting Zeiss lenses. Now, capturing Beyonce's radiance is within reach with the Anna-Karin Karlsson Shady Luv White Gold Mirror Limited 1st Edition sunglasses. 
Beyonce Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses on Renaissance World Tour
The Anna-Karin Karlsson appeal did not just stop there, Beyonce, while performing in the US capital, adorned herself with a dazzling pair of gold frames from the exceptional brand. Shop Bey's look with Anna-Karin Karlsson Crystal Mirage 24K Gold Plated Limited 1st Edition.

Alexander McQueen

Beyonce Alexander McQueen sunglasses worn at Nashville concert on Renaissance TourShop Alexander McQueen AM0413S 007

Queen Bey took to the stage in Nashville with a mesmerising presence in a bespoke masterpiece by Alexander McQueen. A silver beaded bodysuit intricately embellished with sequins and crystals transformed her into a radiant vision. She even sported matching knee-high boots that harmonised flawlessly. While acquiring this iconic outfit might remain a distant dream, the allure of her sunglasses is far more attainable. As we eagerly await the arrival of the exquisite silver cat-eye mask Alexander McQueen sunglasses, be sure to keep a vigilant eye for their entrance to our website. 



Beyonce wearing Gucci GG1631S 001 at her show in the Netherlands 2023

In June, Beyoncé graced the stage at the Johan Cruijff Arena in the Netherlands, captivating the audience in a personalised Off-White outfit accentuated by elegant Gucci sunglasses. Get her style with the Gucci GG1631S 001.




Beyonce sunglasses London tour dateShop Balenciaga BB0257S 001

Bringing her presence to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the London stop of the Renaissance Tour, Beyoncé graced the stage on one of the evenings adorned in a bespoke, radiant cherry-red Off-White embellished bodysuit. Complementing this futuristic ensemble, she sported matching tights and boots while topping off the look with Balenciaga's Mono Cat 2.0 sunglasses. Embrace her distinctive style with the Balenciaga BB0257S 001.


Tom Ford

Beyonce sunglasses at Mother-in-law's wedding 2023Shop Tom Ford Everett TF1059 16C

Although not directly related to Beyoncé's tour content, amidst the excitement of her Renaissance tour, Queen Bey made a notable appearance at her mother-in-law, Gloria Carter's wedding. She captivated her Instagram audience with a stunning image featuring a pale pink Dolce & Gabbana outfit, and we couldn't help but admire the stylish pairing of Tom Ford's silver shades with the sheer ensemble. Get the look with Tom Ford Everett TF1059 16C.



Beyonce sunglasses Amsterdam tour Prada sunglassesShop Prada PR 17WS 1AB5S0 Symbole Sunglasses


Lastly, to culminate the collection of our most adored sunglass selections from Beyoncé's opulent Renaissance Tour, we present a true gem among our offerings. Bedecked in a specially crafted LaQuan Smith jumpsuit that boasted a mesmerising mirrored finish, she captivated her Amsterdam audience with sheer magnificence. A highlight that caught our attention was her choice to accompany this ensemble with the epitome of versatility in eyewear - the black Prada symbole sunglasses in the sleek rectangular design. Emanate the regal essence of Queen Bey by adorning yourself with the Prada PR 17WS 1AB5S0 Symbole Sunglasses.


While Queen Bey graces stages across the globe until October, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of her next set of extravagant outfits (and more importantly sunglasses) during the upcoming phase of her tour. Keep an eye out as we diligently keep you posted with highlights from the Renaissance Tour that capture our hearts. 



Au revoir, 


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