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Brand Spotlight: Jimmy Choo

Brand Spotlight: Jimmy Choo

One of Malaysia's most successful businessmen… Let’s talk about the world of Jimmy Choo. 


The Background of Jimmy Choo

One of the most iconic shoe designers in the luxury fashion market, Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat, has taken the fashion world by storm since the early 1990s. The Malaysian designer, now aged 74, was born in 1948 in Penang to shoemaker parents. Ironic as his label is now one of the most iconic luxury footwear brands in the world! Mr Choo’s birth parents both had the surname, Chow. However, his name happened to be misspelt on his birth certificate - the W being replaced with an O. This mishap certainly worked out extremely well for his brand name. 

Jimmy Choo

In his early days, the designer worked long hours over several days to perfect his shoemaking skills and designs. Vogue magazine was his gateway into the luxury fashion market, and after their 8-page feature, the designer received a powerful reaction from both the fashion world and the public. This feature also allowed him to develop a relationship with accessories editor, Tamara Mellon. Things began to shape up for Choo in 1990 when Princess Diana began wearing his designs. She ended up forming a close relationship with him and adored his craftsmanship. Six years later, Jimmy Choo Ltd. was founded by Choo himself and Vogue’s Tamara Mellon.  


The brand name is most commonly associated with elegant stiletto high-heels. However, it is now also known for producing a wide range of footwear from heels to sneakers, and riding boots to ballet pumps. In 2006, the brand expanded into the handbag market and has been extremely successful ever since. Their range of accessories including belts, small leather goods, jewellery and sunglasses, alongside their beauty and fragrance range are also exceedingly popular worldwide. With significant female figures featured in Jimmy Choo campaigns including Nicole Kidman, Hailey Bieber, and Cara Delevingne (to name a few), the brand continues to dominate with strong females as the face of the brand name. Stay tuned to find out who the latest face of their SS23 campaign is...

Jimmy Choo Ltd Style of Work

Choo’s signature style oozes glamour and femininity. When the brand was first introduced, the male shoe market was at its peak, and Choo discovered a gap in the market to direct a focus towards women's footwear. Elegance and delicacy are therefore at the heart of the brand name. Some of the brand's most sought-after and iconic footwear designs feature sparkle, pearl and rhinestone detailing, which truly add a royal touch to the footwear. 


The brand's CEO, Hannah Colman, and Creative Director, Sandra Choi (the niece of Jimmy Choo’s wife), to this day, ensure that each item displays luxury haute couture with a hint of “playfully daring spirit...”

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo’s sunglasses collection displays elegance, sophistication and class, making women feel empowered from the minute they purchase. With a frame shape fit for all face shapes, the options are endless. Here are some of our favourite pairs here at PRETAVOIR.   


                                                                                                     SHOP JC GOTHA

Jimmy Choo black frames
                                     SHOP JC SADY                                                  SHOP JC SONJA
Jimmy Choo havana frames
                                                                                                       SHOP JC RENEE




Jimmy Choo Optical Glasses - PRET Favourites

Much like their Sunglasses range, Jimmy Choo offers a wide range of frame styles to suit all face shapes and preferences. The majority of frames that we stock of the brand are sophisticated and subtle with neutral tones. That means that they are extremely wearable and perfect for everyday use. Jimmy Choo's eyewear range mirrors the same elegant detailing displayed in their footwear collection. With pearl, diamante, and gold detailing, specifically on the temples, this adds the perfect amount of class and luxury to each product without being overwhelming or too much. Here are some of our favourites...


                 SHOP JC321                                                                
Jimmy Choo optical frames






To round up our brand spotlight feature, it's time to reveal what you have been waiting to find out. The much-anticipated face of Jimmy Choo 2023. International supermodel and TV personnel, Kendall Jenner has arrived back on the Jimmy Choo scene. In fact, this is not the first time she has been the face of the brand. Last year, Jenner posed elegantly at a Los Angeles poolside location for their Autumn 2022 campaign! The Spring/Summer 23 campaign is a continuation of the brand's "Time to Dare" series, featuring the model flaunting items from the new collection in front of the New York Skyline on a rooftop. Daring to say the least! The video exposes viewers and fans to what Jimmy Choo has in store for 2023. Neon and pastel colours, quirky patterned denim and y2k styles seem to be at the forefront, how exciting! Could we be seeing more of this in their upcoming eyewear collection? Keep an eye on our website to find out.




Au revoir, 


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