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Celine Eyewear in the Celebrity Spotlight

Celine Eyewear in the Celebrity Spotlight

From the runways of Paris to the streets of Hollywood, Celine Eyewear has become synonymous with sophistication and style. A favourite among celebrities and influencers, Celine glasses and sunglasses have graced the faces of fashion icons, adding an extra layer of glamour to their already impeccable looks. Let's delve into the world of Celine Eyewear and the notable celebrities who have embraced its allure.

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In the realm of luxury and timeless sophistication, one name stands out with an unwavering commitment to elegance. Founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana in Paris, Celine quickly established itself as a symbol of French luxury, known for its refined craftsmanship and minimalist design ethos. Over the decades, Celine has evolved into an emblem of timeless chic, seamlessly translating its iconic style into various facets of fashion, including the alluring world of Celine Eyewear.

Celine Eyewear effortlessly captures the spirit of contemporary luxury, enticing a diverse array of celebrities and influencers who are drawn not only to the aesthetic appeal but also to the brand's storied history. The seamless integration of classic design with modern sensibilities is a hallmark of Celine, making its eyewear collection an embodiment of refined taste and discerning style.

Join us on this journey as we unravel the allure of Celine Eyewear through the lens of celebrities and influencers who have come to appreciate the timeless elegance that defines the very essence of the Celine brand.


Leonie Hanne and Caroline Daur wearing Celine sunglassesAbove, Leonie Hanne wears Celine CL40194U 53A and Caroline Daur wears Celine CL40194U 45


 Kelly Rowland and Shay Mitchell wearing Celine sunglasses

Above, Kelly Rowland wears Celine CL40194U 25A & Shay Mitchell wears Celine CL40194U 01A


In 2018, the resurrection of the Triomphe collection marked a pivotal moment as Hedi Slimane delved into Celine's archives. Enchanted by the 1970s, Slimane centered his focus on a symbol born from the imagination of Céline Vipiana, the revered founder. The emblem, entwining two Cs, traced its roots to a serendipitous incident at the bustling Place de l'Étoile. Stepping out at the Arc de Triomphe, Vipiana discovered the ornate chain forming a mirrored C, inspiring Slimane's heartfelt tribute. He christened both the emblem and a new handbag, the 'Triomphe,' capturing the essence of Celine's legacy.

In a captivating convergence of fashion tastes, influencers Leonie Hanne, Caroline Daur, singer Kelly Rowland and actress Shay Mitchell have all been photographed wearing the same model – the alluring Celine CL40194 from the Triomphe collection. This not only emphasises the universal appeal of this particular style but also showcases its ability to complement different fashion preferences.


Molly-Mae wearing Celine sunglassesMolly-Mae Hague wearing Celine sunglasses in black

Molly-Mae Hague is a keen wearer of Celine eyewear - her above preferences include Celine CL40226U 25F, Celine CL40226U 01F & Celine CL40227U 01A


Influential Molly-Mae Hague has been an avid wearer of Celine Eyewear, showcasing her versatility by embracing various styles from the brand. While she shares a fondness for the Triomphe collection with fellow influencers, Molly-Mae's exploration of different Celine designs reflects her dynamic approach to fashion. Transitioning effortlessly between elegant oversized frames and vintage-inspired cat-eye designs, icon Molly-Mae’s eyewear collection is a vivid testament to her sophisticated style.


Lisa Barlow and Erika Jayne (Real Housewives) wearing Celine sunglassesLisa Barlow wears Celine CL40197U 01A, Erika Jayne wears Celine CL40226U 25F


Reality TV stars Lisa Barlow and Erika Jayne, both from the Real Housewives franchises, bring their own brand of glamour to Celine Eyewear. Their on-screen personas are accentuated by the glamour of Celine glasses, establishing them as fashion-forward icons within the reality TV landscape. Lisa Barlow of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City styled CL40197U 01A in black from the Monochrome collection. Meanwhile Erika of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills captivates in CL40216U 25E ivory sunglasses from the Triomphe collection. Their love for Celine eyewear establishes them as fashion icons, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of reality television and high fashion.

Lady Gaga wearing Celine sunglassesLady Gaga wearing Celine CL40238U 01A and Celine CL40282U 01A (coming soon)


Renowned trendsetter Lady Gaga, an icon in the world of fashion, graces various occasions with her distinctive style, showcasing her affinity for Celine Eyewear. From the opulence of the red carpet to the casual elegance of city errands, Lady Gaga's eyewear choices serve as a testament to Celine's commitment to innovation and chic minimalism. 

In her public appearances, Lady Gaga has been captivatingly photographed wearing the CL40238U 01A, a Celine eyewear masterpiece that perfectly complements her avant-garde aesthetic with edgy geometric lines. Adding to her repertoire of eyewear, Lady Gaga is making a statement in the upcoming CL40282U 01A, a new style that will soon be available at Pretavoir. This fresh addition reflects Celine's continuous evolution of the Triomphe collection, offering contemporary designs that resonate with those who appreciate the intersection of fashion and elegance.

Celine Eyewear has solidified its status as a timeless symbol of elegance, beloved by celebrities worldwide. From the iconic Triomphe collection to versatile styles embraced by influencers like Lady Gaga, Molly-Mae Hague, and reality TV stars Lisa Barlow and Erika Jayne, Celine glasses stand at the intersection of high fashion and celebrity glamour. The brand's commitment to chic minimalism continues to captivate, ensuring Celine Eyewear remains a choice that not only complements but elevates the style of fashion icons.


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