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Chelsea FC X Nike Sunglasses: When Style Meets Sport

Chelsea FC X Nike Sunglasses: When Style Meets Sport

In the dynamic world of sports, where performance and style intersect, few partnerships have captured the essence of both quite like Chelsea Football Club and sportswear giant Nike. As fans across the globe eagerly watch Chelsea FC compete on their field, their distinctive kits and sportswear resonate far beyond the pitch. The collaboration between Chelsea FC and Nike has been a tale of innovation, design excellence, and a shared passion for the game.

With a history that spans decades, Nike's connection to Chelsea FC has evolved into a testament to the power of sportswear in defining a team's identity. Since becoming the official kit supplier in the 2017-2018 season, Nike has not only equipped the players with high-performance jerseys but has also blended the worlds of fashion and sports in remarkable ways.

The partnership's influence extends beyond the realm of the football pitch, encapsulating the aesthetics and lifestyle choices of the players, fans, and even the club's esteemed manager, Mauricio Pochettino.

Amidst Chelsea's recent pre-season tour in the USA, a select group of Chelsea squad members captured our attention. However, it wasn't solely their prowess on the field catching our focus, it was the striking allure of their new Nike eyewear that stood out. Let's take a look...


Mauricio Pochettino in Nike Maverick E EV1096 451

Chelsea FC manager Mauricio Pochettino wearing Nike sunglasses

Chelsea FC's new manager Mauricio Pochettino wear's Nike Maverick E EV1096 451


Diego Da Silva Moreira Jr & Reece James in Nike Marquee sunglasses 

Diego Da Silva Moreira Jr & Reece James wearing Nike sunglasses

Diego Moreira & Reece James wear Nike Marquee sunglasses. Moreira wears Nike Marquee FN0301 815 & James wears Nike Marquee FN0301 021.


Mauricio Pochettino in Nike Flyfree M Sunglasses

Mauricio Pochettino in Nike Flyfree M sunglasses

Pochettino sports another pair of frames from Nike Eyewear - this time wearing Nike Flyfree M (coming soon to Pret a Voir).


Stay tuned as we unveil additional styles available soon on Pret a Voir, adorned by your beloved Chelsea players.


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