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Marcolin partners with Christian Louboutin eyewear

Christian Louboutin Launches Eyewear with Marcolin

French luxury fashion powerhouse Christian Louboutin is set to make waves in the eyewear market through an exclusive global licensing deal with renowned eyewear manufacturer Marcolin. The strategic partnership, signed until 2029, encompasses the design, manufacturing, and distribution of Christian Louboutin's debut eyewear collections, including sunglasses and optical frames.

The much-anticipated eyewear line is poised to grace selected stores worldwide and online retailers (Pret a Voir included!), commencing with the spring/summer 2025 season. Alexis Mourot, Chief Executive of Christian Louboutin, expressed the brand's progressive approach, stating, "Christian Louboutin is progressively rolling out a strategy to become a complete lifestyle luxury accessories player, and the eyewear and sunglasses categories are a natural extension for us."

 French fashion designer Christian LouboutinThe French fashion designer Christian Louboutin


The Ideal Partnership: Marcolin as the Licensing Maestro

Marcolin, known for its unique expertise in luxury product design and manufacturing, is the ideal partner for this venture. Fabrizio Curci, Chief Executive and General Manager at Marcolin expressed pride in the partnership, emphasizing that it showcases Marcolin's unparalleled know-how in crafting luxury products of the highest quality.

Marcolin stands as an influential entity in the eyewear industry, boasting a legacy marked by unparalleled successes and a commitment to crafting luxury eyewear of the highest caliber. Renowned for its unique expertise in design and manufacturing, Marcolin has consistently elevated eyewear into a realm of sophistication and style. The Italian eyewear manufacturer has forged successful partnerships with some of the most prestigious fashion brands, including Tom Ford, Max Mara, Zegna, GCDS, and Pucci, solidifying their position as a go-to collaborator for luxury labels. With a keen focus on quality craftsmanship, innovation, and an acute understanding of evolving fashion trends, Marcolin continues to shape the landscape of the eyewear industry, seamlessly marrying creativity with precision to deliver iconic eyewear collections that resonate globally.


Christian Louboutin launches eyewear collection with Marcolin

The partnership between Christian Louboutin and Marcolin emerges as the perfect alliance, seamlessly blending the visionary creativity of the iconic French luxury fashion house with Marcolin's unparalleled expertise in crafting high-quality luxury eyewear. Christian Louboutin's progressive strategy to become a complete lifestyle luxury accessories player finds a natural extension in the eyewear sector, and Marcolin, known for its successful collaborations with prestigious brands, stands as the ideal partner for this transformative journey. Both share a commitment to outstanding quality, instant recognizability, and a keen understanding of the evolving demands of the fashion industry. Together, they create a synergistic force poised to elevate eyewear into a realm of sophistication, marking a stylish debut that resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


What Can We Expect from the Debut of Louboutin Eyewear?

This move into eyewear follows Christian Louboutin's recent expansion into the LoubiFamily product category, catering to every family member, including adults, children, and even beloved pets. As the iconic red-soled brand continues to evolve, the upcoming eyewear collection is expected to embody the same level of creativity and quality that has defined Christian Louboutin's legacy. 


Christian Louboutin heels


We anticipate Christian Louboutin's up-and-coming eyewear collection to carry the brand's iconic design DNA, translating its celebrated signature styles into the realm of eyewear fashion. Much like the renowned footwear, expect to see eyewear that captures the essence of luxury and sophistication. The distinctive red soles, a hallmark of Christian Louboutin, may find expression in unique and elegant frame details. The eyewear collection is likely to feature bold and daring designs, with styles reminiscent of the brand's famed stilettos. Anticipate pointed and sleek silhouettes, echoing the brand's commitment to timeless elegance. In keeping with Christian Louboutin's penchant for edgy glamour, expect to find eyewear adorned with luxurious materials, perhaps echoing the use of unique embellishments that can be seen in their shoe designs. From striking colors to attention-grabbing patterns, the eyewear collection is poised to be a seamless extension of Christian Louboutin's iconic style, allowing fashion enthusiasts to adorn themselves with the brand's unmistakable allure from head to toe.


Christian Louboutin designsWe can expect to see Louboutin's signature design elements (shown above) infused into the eyewear collection. 


Luxury aficionados can anticipate a seamless blend of distinctive design elements recalling the iconic red-soled shoemaker. Christian Louboutin's entry into the eyewear sector, alongside its established presence in footwear and accessories, signifies a holistic approach to luxury fashion. The debut of Christian Louboutin eyewear, predicted to be introduced in the spring-summer 2025 fashion season, is not just a fashion moment but a celebration of visionary craftsmanship and a glimpse into the brand's expanding universe of luxury lifestyle accessories. 


Stay tuned for the latest Christian Louboutin glasses & sunglasses - coming soon. 



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