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DITA Limited Edition Frame Raketo

DITA Limited Edition Frame: Inspired By The Awe Of Aviation

DITA, the prominent luxury eyewear brand, has been the talk of the eyewear industry lately due to the release of its latest limited edition frame, which has been generating a lot of buzz among eyewear enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The new frame, released in three colours (Yellow Gold - Ink Swirl, Gold - Cyber Smoke, and Antique Silver - Blue Swirl), draws inspiration from the wonder of aviation, boasting a unique dual lens design that includes a tinted front shield and sun lenses mounted at the rear. DITA states that this technically advanced construction showcases their impressive design and engineering abilities.

DITA Limited Edition Frame Raketo

DITA's Vice President, Cody Cho, expressed that most eyewear brands in the industry tend to focus on single product categories, and at DITA, it’s in the brand's nature to “challenge the status quo.” DITA's official website describes the RAKETO as a “...Limited Edition frame initially inspired by the awe of aviation, taking the world by storm when the first plane took flight.”



Founded in 1995 by John Juniper and Jeff Solorio, DITA eyewear has always been renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and attention to detail. DITA frames are handmade in Japan, using only the finest materials, such as titanium, 18-karat gold, and hand-carved acetate. Each frame can take up to 8 months to create and involves over 320 production steps. Crafting a single DITA frame can also take as many as 100 artisans and master craftsmen.

DITA's collection includes a range of styles, from their signature classic aviators to bold, avant-garde square designs. Known for creating luxurious and stylish eyewear sought-after by celebrities, fashion icons, and discerning eyewear enthusiasts worldwide, DITA continues to thrive in the eyewear world with its innovative and creative designs.


Shop All Three DITA Limited Edition Frames Below

DITA Raketo Dark Grey DITA Raketo Yellow Gold

 DITA Raketo White Gold



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