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Embracing The Era Of Quiet Luxury

Embracing The Era Of Quiet Luxury

Elevate Your Summer Eyewear with Subtle Sophistication

In the ever-changing landscape of fashion trends, certain tendencies consistently emerge, driven by socioeconomic factors and the desire for self-expression. Macrotrends like minimalism and maximalism have ebbed and flowed throughout history, reflecting periods of turmoil or celebration. However, as we emerge from the recent pandemic, a new trend has taken centre stage: Quiet Luxury.

Lost in the maze of fashion jargon? No worries, we get it! Here’s the scoop: Quiet Luxury is not just a trend; it's a vibe, a mood that speaks volumes without saying a word. Picture this: elevated basics that exude an air of understated elegance.

This understated aesthetic embraces subtle sophistication and sleekness, favouring outfits without overt logos. As this trend gains momentum, it extends to the realm of eyewear, providing the perfect opportunity to elevate your summer ensembles with a touch of understated elegance. When seeking eyewear that embodies quiet luxury, there are no rigid rules regarding silhouette. However, opting for classic frame styles such as aviators and cat eyes allows you to tap into current eyewear trends while maintaining a timeless look. By investing in these enduring styles, you make a wise choice that transcends temporary fads and ensures your eyewear remains fashionable for years to come.

The inconspicuous nature of quiet luxury finds expression in various cultural moments. Rather than bold displays of branding, this aesthetic is more aligned with the timeless style exhibited by individuals like Hailey Bieber and Sophia Richie, who effortlessly embrace the quiet luxury trend. In their choice of eyewear. Since her South of France wedding, Sophia Richie has become the unofficial poster girl for the 2023 trend of the moment - ‘Quiet Luxury’.

The quiet luxury extends beyond the realm of fashion; it encompasses a mindset for living. It revolves around a preference for premium basics in all aspects of life, valuing quality over quantity and investing in pieces meant to last.

We recommend opting for classic silhouettes that discreetly communicate your style. Let your eyewear be a symbol of your understated elegance, embracing the era of quiet luxury with grace and sophistication. With inspirations like Hailey Bieber and Sophia Richie effortlessly incorporating the quiet luxury trend into their eyewear choices, you can confidently embrace this aesthetic and elevate your summer style with timeless sophistication.

See our top 5 ‘Quiet Luxury’ eyewear picks below:


Saint Laurent Sun SL 557 Shade 001

Saint Laurent Sun SL 557 Shade 001 - As Seen On Hailey Bieber



Bottega Veneta BV1012S 005

Bottega Veneta BV1012S 005 - As Seen On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Saint Laurent Sun SL 276 Mica 001

Saint Laurent Sun SL 276 Mica 001 - As Seen On Hailey Bieber & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


DMY BY DMY Billy DMY08SB Black

DMY BY DMY Billy DMY08SB Black - As Seen on Kendall Jenner



Saint Laurent Sun SL 462 Sulpice 001 

Saint Laurent Sun SL 462 Sulpice 001 - As Seen On Sofia Richie & Hailey Bieber 


In a world often filled with loud and extravagant trends, quiet luxury sunglass styles offer a breath of fresh air for those seeking timeless elegance and understated sophistication. The sunglasses above embody the essence of refined craftsmanship, impeccable design, and superior quality. With their clean lines, subtle details, and luxurious materials, they exude a sense of effortless style that transcends fads. Embracing quiet luxury sunglass styles allows individuals to elevate their look while maintaining a sense of authenticity and refined taste. By choosing these understated yet undeniably elegant sunglasses, much loved by our current "It Girls", one can truly appreciate the beauty of minimalism and experience the enduring allure of quiet luxury.



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