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Introducing - Etnia Barcelona Barça FC Sunglasses Collection

Introducing - Etnia Barcelona Barça FC Sunglasses Collection

Let's look at Etnia Barcelona's Barça Sunglasses Collection - inspired by the world-famous football club.  

Fresh off the exhilarating FIFA 2022, Etnia Barcelona and FC Barcelona join forces to unveil their highly anticipated limited edition eyewear collection. This remarkable collaboration is a true testament to the origins of both brands, fusing the worlds of art and sports into a harmonious blend; A match between art and sports.

Barca by Etnia Barcelona is the epitome of style and sophistication, boasting not one but two sunglass collections. With a remarkable fusion of vintage charm and contemporary trends, this exclusive line features an impressive selection of seven unique sunglasses, set to dazzle fashion enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts alike.

Barca By Etnia Barcelona: 1899 GOLD

Within this remarkable collection, the spotlight shines on the 1899 GOLD. This remarkable eyewear piece takes centre stage, boasting a limited edition of 1899 pairs. Paying a heartfelt tribute to the founding year of FC Barcelona, it stands as the star piece of this collection. The 1899 GOLD is a true collector's gem, meticulously designed to honour the legacy and heritage of FC Barcelona. Embracing an artistic approach, the eyewear gracefully reconstructs the intricate anatomy of Barca's iconic crest. Each element is deconstructed and adorned with 24-carat gold details. Handcrafted with unparalleled precision in Italy, this extraordinary eyewear piece showcases a natural acetate frame in a timeless black hue. Every aspect has been meticulously fashioned to perfection, exemplifying the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each intricate detail embedded within the eyewear represents the profound legacy and symbolises the indomitable spirit of FC Barcelona.

The temple tip boasts an elegant 24-carat gold football, tastefully embossed to signify the passion and dedication synonymous with FC Barcelona. Adding further opulence, the hinge showcases a striking 24-carat gold ball and flag detail, exquisitely gilded to accentuate the allure of this limited-edition masterpiece.

Intricately embossed on both temples, the exquisite details of Barca's crest serve as a constant reminder of the club's illustrious history and unwavering spirit. It's a nod to the values that have made FC Barcelona an iconic symbol of greatness in the football world.

The 1899 GOLD celebrates heritage, a harmonious blend of artistry and sports. Without a doubt, this exceptional piece captures the essence of FC Barcelona's legacy while offering an unparalleled experience for admirers of both the brand and the club.

Barca FC Etnia Barcelona sunglasses

Above, FC Barcelona players, Ronaldo Araujo (left) and Raphinha (right), wear the new Etnia Barcelona X Barca 1899 BK 24K Gold Limited Edition Polarised sunglasses. 


The Colours of Our History

Etnia Barcelona X Barca London 1992 HV PolarisedEtnia Barcelona X Barca London 1992 HV Polarised

Etnia Barcelona X Barca London 2011 BK PolarisedEtnia Barcelona X Barca London 2011 BK Polarised


Etnia Barcelona X Barca Berlin 2015 BK PolarisedEtnia Barcelona X Barca Berlin 2015 BK Polarised 



Etnia Barcelona X Barca Goteborg 2021 HV Polarised

Etnia Barcelona X Barca Goteborg 2021 HV Polarised


Etnia Barcelona X Barca Roma 2009 BK Polarised

Etnia Barcelona X Barca Roma 2009 BK Polarised


The Colours of Our History entail a unique assortment of six different polarised sunglasses, inspired by the monumental wins of FC Barcelona. Crafted to reflect the vibrant colours of the jerseys worn during the team's extraordinary victories in the UEFA Champions League Cup finals, each pair encapsulates a momentous location in the club's illustrious journey.

  1. London 1992: FC Barcelona's historic triumph at the Wembley Stadium in 1992
  2. Paris 2006: FC Barcelona’s 6-1 victory against Paris-Saint German in 2006.
  3. Roma 2009: FC Barcelona’s win against Manchester United in Rome, 2009.
  4. London 2011: FC Barcelona’s fourth Champions League win at the Wembley Stadium in 2011.
  5. Berlin 2015: FC Barcelona’s title win against Juventus in Berlin, 2015.
  6. Goteborg 2021: FC Barcelona's women’s team championship win against Chelsea in Gothenburg, 2021.

Each pair in this collection has the year 1899 and the team’s coat of arms engraved into the frame using gold lettering. The complete Barça by Etnia Barcelona collection is crafted using premium materials, including Mazzucchelli natural acetate and HD mineral lenses, ensuring an exceptional visual experience.


Etnia Barcelona has masterfully blended the passion of football with the elegance of eyewear through its collaboration with the iconic FC Barcelona. These sunglasses not only reflect the rich history and spirit of the team but also offer a unique way for fans and eyewear enthusiasts to express their love for fashion and football. With intricate designs that pay homage to the team's colours, values, and achievements, Etnia Barcelona has created a collection that transcends the boundaries of style and sport. Whether you're a die-hard Barça supporter or simply someone who appreciates finely crafted eyewear, this eyewear collection stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of sports and aesthetics. By wearing a pair of Etnia Barcelona Barça sunglasses, you're not just wearing sunglasses - you're wearing a piece of history, a symbol of unity, and a celebration of the beautiful game. 


Shop our remarkable range of Etnia Barcelona glasses and sunglasses. 


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