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Gentle Monster Sunglasses - Innovative Eyewear Redefining Fashion

Gentle Monster Sunglasses - Innovative Eyewear Redefining Fashion

Gentle Monster is a South Korean eyewear brand that has gained international acclaim for its bold and innovative sunglasses designs. Established in 2011 by Hankook Kim, an expert who has been in the eyewear industry for over a decade, the brand has quickly become known for its avant-garde aesthetic and focus on creativity and innovation.

Gentle Monster Founder Hankook Kim Gentle Monster Founder - Hankook Kim

One of the defining features of Gentle Monster sunglasses is their unique shapes and bold designs. The brand's designers are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional eyewear design, creating frames that are oversized, geometric, and asymmetrical. Their sunglasses are often characterised by striking silhouettes and unusual combinations of materials, such as metal and acetate.

Gentle Monster sunglasses are also known for their attention to detail. The brand uses high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship to ensure that each pair of sunglasses is both functional and stylish. From the way the frames fit on the face to the tint of the lenses, every aspect of the design is carefully considered.

Gentle Monster Blue Lenses Gentle Monster Pink Lenses

In addition to their striking designs, Gentle Monster sunglasses often feature special details that set them apart from other eyewear brands. For example, some styles include intricate metalwork, gradient lenses, or unique patterns. The brand has also collaborated with a variety of artists and designers to create limited-edition collections that push the boundaries of traditional eyewear design.


Gentle Monster Sunglasses

Gentle Monster's commitment to innovation extends beyond their designs. The brand has also pioneered new ways of marketing and retailing eyewear, using immersive installations and experiential marketing to create a unique shopping experience. The brand's flagship stores, which can be found in major cities around the world, are designed to feel like art installations rather than traditional retail spaces. They feature dramatic lighting, interactive displays, and other elements that create a sense of wonder and discovery.

Despite its high-fashion aesthetic, Gentle Monster remains accessible to a wide range of consumers. While some of the brand's limited-edition collaborations can be quite expensive, the core collection of sunglasses is priced similarly to other mid-range designer eyewear brands. Some of the successful brand names who have collaborated with Gentle Monster are listed below...

Gentle Monster Collaborations

As well as collaborating with high-end brands, Gentle Monster has also collaborated with several a-listers on collections that have been wildly successful upon their release. 

Jennie Kim Gentle Monster Collab Gentle Monster Diplo Collab

Jennie Kim (left) & Diplo (right) both have collaborated with Gentle Monster to produce a new line of eyewear.


Gentle Monster has received numerous accolades for its innovative designs and marketing. In 2016, the brand was named one of the "50 Most Innovative Companies" by Fast Company, and in 2018, it was listed as one of the "World's 50 Most Innovative Companies" by The MIT Technology Review.

Overall, Gentle Monster sunglasses offer a unique and bold alternative to traditional eyewear designs. With their avant-garde shapes, attention to detail, and innovative marketing, they have quickly become a favourite of fashion-forward consumers around the world.


Gentle Monster is a brand that we do not yet stock at Pret a Voir. 



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