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Givenchy SS23 Campaign sunglasses

Givenchy SS23 Campaign: Shop Gigi Hadid's Look

Let's discuss the latest Givenchy SS23 Campaign...

In January, French luxury fashion house Givenchy announced their latest SS23 campaign. Starring as the face of the new campaign is none other than supermodel and actress Gigi Hadid. Known for her striking looks and versatile style, Hadid is a perfect fit for Givenchy’s elegant and sophisticated designs. With her stunning features and natural beauty, Hadid continues to bring a fresh and modern perspective to the iconic fashion house. Gigi is no stranger to working with high-end luxury brands and has been the face of several notable fashion houses, including Balmain, Chanel, Versace, Tom Ford, Fendi, and finally, Givenchy. She has worked with Givenchy for a while, first walking in one of their runway shows in 2015. Since then, she has been a frequent collaborator with the brand, appearing in campaigns and wearing Givenchy designs to several high-profile events and magazine cover shoots. Givenchy’s decision to choose Gigi Hadid as the face of their 2023 campaign is a testament to the strong relationship the model has built with the brand over the years. 




Givenchy SS23 Campaign: Featuring GIGI HADID

Givenchy’s Creative Director, Matthew M. Williams, enlisted the help of photographer Heji Shin to bring the Spring/Summer 2023 collection to life. Featuring models Gigi Hadid, Selena Forrest, and Luna Passos in key outfits from the collection, the campaign is completed with the showcase of Williams’ latest design, the sought-after Voyou bag - which perfectly represents Williams’ Givenchy makeover. 

Gigi Hadid Givenchy Campaign SS23


One image in particular that sticks out to us in the Givenchy SS23 Campaign is Gigi’s shot debuting the new season Giv Cut sunglasses (pictured above). These 3D-printed nylon sunglasses feature a striking avant-garde design with a graphic 4G-shaped frame on the front and temples. Hadid is pictured in the pink frames with pink lenses, creating a perfect contrast, paired with her bright lime green fitted dress and bag of the same colour. Creative Director, Williams, has certainly made his mark on the French house with this style by introducing a futuristic aesthetic - much like some of their competitors in the industry who have taken a futuristic approach towards their sunglasses style, incorporating bold, geometric shapes, and wraparound designs, such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Prada.


Givenchy Giv Cut Sunglasses pink

Givenchy Giv Cut sunglasses pink

Givenchy Giv Cut Sunglasses in Pink - Coming soon to Pretavoir.


Using specialised 3D-printing technology and a bold geometric design, these shades are one of a kind. The Giv Cut sunglasses come in various colour-ways, including a black frame with a black smoke lens, a khaki frame with a grey lens, and finally, a black frame with a mirror effect transparent lens. The Givenchy logo is displayed in three places on the sunglasses, including one prominently on the lens and finely on the end of each temple. The most striking part of the design has got to be the rim of the frame...if you look closely, you should spot the "G" circling around the lens.



The Rise In Popularity Of Avant-Garde Style Sunglasses

In the last few years, we have seen the rise in popularity and dominance of futuristic sunglasses styles on the market. From geometric shapes, thin lenses, and sporty 'dad style' frames, the more unique - the better. With the help of the celebrity and influencer community, the popularity and demand of certain frame styles expand, and before we know it, they become a worldwide craze; for example, the Balenciaga Swift Oval sunglasses, Prada's black Symbole frames, and Bottega Veneta's oversized Oval sunglasses. With a distinctive look that is easily connected to the brand name, these styles have quickly become favoured by many. We believe that Givenchy's quirky and bold design could likely lead them to the same success levels as the frames listed above.


 So, Who Has Already Jumped On The Trend?

Other than Gigi Hadid, many other a-lister's have already stepped out in this ultra-cool design. Let's take a look...
Kylie Jenner Giv Cut Givenchy sunglasses Kylie Jenner Giv Cut Givenchy Sunglasses

 Kylie Jenner steps out in Paris on Jan 23rd paring Givenchy's Giv Cut black frames with a bright long sleeve blue dress, silver necklace, and pink boots - also Givenchy. 


Dua Lipa Giv Cut sunglassesDua Lipa wears an all-black Givenchy fit topped off with Givenchy's Giv Cut frames in November 2022.


 Fashion icon ASAP Rocky was spotted in New York last year head to toe in Givenchy. The rapper wore a black knee-length leather skirt with an oversized hoodie, topped off with the coolest shades - Giv Cut Sunglasses in black.



Tyga Givenchy Giv Cut Sunglasses

Rapper Tyga is seen at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week runway show last year in a leather, racer style, Givenchy two piece paired with black Giv Cut frames.



Addison Rae Giv Cut sunglasses

TikTok sensation Addison Rae wears Giv Cut sunglasses whilst shopping in Paris towards the end of 2022 - it looks as if she is a fan of the luxury fashion house according to the size of that shopping bag!



Givenchy's latest campaign featuring Hadid and the new Giv Cut sunglasses has garnered a lot of attention and excitement among fashion enthusiasts. With Gigi Hadid as the face of the campaign alongside celebrity influence, it is no surprise that these frames have increased in popularity since their release last year. Givenchy's SS23 campaign has successfully captured the attention of fashion lovers worldwide, and the brand is poised to continue its success in the fashion industry. Keep an eye on our website for the styles below, released soon...



#PRETLoves Givenchy SS23 Campaign


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