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Glastonbury 2024 Sunglasses: Get The Look

Glastonbury 2024 Sunglasses: Get The Look

The vibrant world of Glastonbury Festival 2024 - where music, art, and fashion intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. As one of the largest and most iconic music festivals on the planet, Glastonbury draws crowds from all corners of the globe, eager to revel in the eclectic lineup of world-class performers, immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring surroundings, and showcase their unique style.

While Glastonbury is renowned for its impressive musical lineup, it's not just the melodies that capture attention. Fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters flock to this cultural extravaganza, turning the festival grounds into a vibrant runway. From bohemian chic to edgy streetwear, Glastonbury embraces a kaleidoscope of fashion influences, and even our favourite acts showcase their style on the stage.

With a staggering 62 stages scattered throughout the expansive world of Glastonbury, this illustrious event is a true haven for performers of every genre. Whether you were fortunate enough to attend this year's captivating event or eagerly caught up on the TV highlights, we're here to unravel the enigmatic styles worn by your favourite acts on the grandest stages. Let's look at some of our favourite styles that graced Glastonbury Festival 2024.


Maya Jama in Prada

Maya Jama attends Glastonbury Festival 2024 wearing Prada PR A14S black wraparound sunglasses - buy online at Pretavoir.
Maya Jama wears Prada PR A14S 1AB5S0

Anya Taylor-Joy in Dior

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy at Glastonbury Festival 2024 wearing black Dior 30Montaigne sunglasses - buy online at Pretavoir
Anya Taylor-Joy wears Dior 30Montaigne S9U 10AO



Noel Gallagher in Oliver Peoples

Noel Gallagher attends Glastonbury Festival wearing Oliver Peoples Lachman Sun sunglasses - buy online at Pretavoir.

Noel Gallagher wears Oliver Peoples Lachman Sun OV5419SU 1005/P2 Polarised


Sienna Miller 

Sienna Miller at Glastonbury Festival 2024 wearing black Chloe sunglasses with gold hinge detailing - buy online at Pretavoir.
Sienna Miller wears Chloe CH0235S 001



Charli XCX in Givenchy

Charli XCX shares Instagram pictures performing at Glastonbury Festival 2024 wearing Givenchy mask wraparound sunglasses in black - buy online at Pretavoir.
Charli XCX wears Givenchy GV40051I 01A

Olivia Dean in Prada 

Olivia Dean performs on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2024 wearing black Prada 26zs oval sunglasses - buy online at Pretavoir.
Olivia Dean wears Prada PR 26ZS 16K08Z



Saffron Hocking in Loewe 

Saffron Hocking attends Glastonbury Festival 2024 and wears black Loewe Anagram sunglasses with gold Loewe logo - buy online at Pretavoir.
Saffron Hocking wears Loewe Anagram LW40127I 01A



Olivia Neill in Jimmy Choo

Irish influencer Olivia Neill attends Glastonbury Festival 2024 and appears alongside her friend wearing black cateye Jimmy Choo sunglasses with silver accents - buy online at Pretavoir.
Olivia Neill wears Jimmy Choo JC5011U 5000/87



Louis Tomlinson in Ray-Ban

One Direction star, Louis Tomlinson, attends Glastonbury Festival 2024, pictured alongside sister, Lottie Tomlinson, wearing Ray-Ban Hexagonal polarised sunglasses in gold - buy online at Pretavoir.

Louis Tomlinson wears Ray-Ban Hexagonal RB 3548N 001/58 Polarised



Want to take a look back at the sunglasses of Glasto 2023...

Alex Turner in Ray-Ban

Taking centre stage on the Pyramid stage on Friday as the inaugural headliner of the weekend was none other than Alex Turner, the captivating lead vocalist of the Arctic Monkeys. Revered for his mesmerising stage presence and distinctive style, Turner holds immense influence within the indie rock music scene. Throughout his career, he has consistently embraced the allure of sunglasses, effortlessly weaving them into his on-stage persona and even music videos. Turner opted for polarised Ray-Ban aviators, effortlessly exuding an added layer of undeniable "coolness" to his magnetic presence.

Alex Turner sunglasses Glastonbury 2023

Shop Alex Turners style - Ray-Ban Aviator II RB 3689 9147/31

Lizzo in Balenciaga 

On the Saturday of Glastonbury, the Pyramid stage witnessed an awe-inspiring performance by none other than the extraordinary American singer, Lizzo. With her commanding vocals, unapologetic lyrics, and undeniable presence, she left an indelible mark on the festival. True to her trailblazing nature, Lizzo showcased a captivating fashion statement that perfectly complemented her powerful performance. Stepping onto the stage in a statement-making black and pink jumpsuit, adorned with vibrant blue hair streaks, she emanated a fearless aura that captivated the crowd. Adding an avant-garde touch to her ensemble, Lizzo donned futuristic Balenciaga shades, solidifying her status as an icon of innovative style. Although we don't have this exact pair, shop similar with Balenciaga BB0257S 001.

Lizzo Glastonbury sunglasses 2023

Shop a style similar to Lizzo - Balenciaga BB0257S 001


Slash of Guns N' Roses in Ray-Ban 

Bringing their unmatched charisma and electric energy to the Pyramid stage, Guns N' Roses made an unforgettable debut at Glastonbury. The iconic American rock band captivated the Somerset crowd with their trademark explosive performances, hard-hitting rock sound, and unyielding rebellious spirit. As expected, lead guitarist Slash took the stage sporting his signature style, complete with some sleek aviator sunglasses. With every riff and every note, Guns N' Roses reminded us why they are timeless legends of rock 'n' roll. Slash wears Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 112/4L Polarised Blue Mirror.

Slash Guns N Roses sunglasses Glastonbury 2023


Tom Grennan in Versace

British singer-songwriter Tom Grennan appeared on the Saturday of Glastonbury with his distinctive voice and emotionally charged performance. With boundless talent and a fiery passion for his craft, he effortlessly captivated listeners with his commanding vocals and deeply heartfelt compositions. Grennan's music transcends genres, resonating with a diverse range of music lovers, embracing the essence of soul, rock, and everything in-between. Tom showcased his trendy fashion sense by wearing Versace 4361 GB1/87.


Tom Grennan Sunglasses Glastonbury 2023

Shop Tom Grennan's style - Versace 4361 GB1/87  


Alison Goldfrapp in Burberry 

Alison Goldfrapp, the renowned English musician, singer, and songwriter, captivated the audience at Glastonbury's The Park Stage on a memorable Sunday. Known for her ever-evolving fashion sensibility, Goldfrapp has fearlessly embraced a myriad of styles throughout her illustrious career, resulting in an eclectic and diverse fashion persona. During her performance, she adorned a pair of Burberry sunglasses which effortlessly epitomised her penchant for embracing distinctive and bold aesthetics. Goldfrapp wears Burberry BE4291 346487.

Alison Goldfrapp sunglasses Glastonbury 2023

Shop Alison Goldfrapp's style - Burberry BE4291 346487


Off The Stage...


Sienna Miller in Prada

Sienna Miller, the English actress and revered fashion icon, shares an unbreakable bond with Glastonbury Festival, solidified by her enduring presence as a cherished regular. Synonymous with the festival's bohemian spirit, she effortlessly personifies its essence through her impeccable style. Over the years, Miller's appearances at Glastonbury have achieved legendary status, with each ensemble a testament to her innate fashion prowess. This year was no exception as she graced the festival grounds in an all-denim ensemble that radiated understated chicness. Complemented by the perfect harmony of cowboy boots and Prada sunglasses, her ensemble added another illustrious chapter to her fashion repertoire at Glastonbury. Sienna wears Prada PR 20ZS 1AB5S0.

Sienna Miller sunglasses Glastonbury 2023

Shop Sienna Miller's style - Prada PR 20ZS 1AB5S0


Ella Richards in Celine 

Ella Richards, the esteemed British model and celebrated socialite, graced the Glastonbury grounds with her magnetic presence. Her impeccable fashion sense was on full displace as she effortlessly embodied a relaxed and casual vibe. Clad in dark denim jeans and a crisp t-shirt, Ella exuded an understated elegance that perfectly complemented the festival atmosphere. Adding a touch of sporty flair, she donned a pair of classic Adidas Samba trainers, striking the ideal balance between comfort and style. Completing her ensemble with an undeniable sense of sophistication, she elevated her look with chic Celine sunglasses. 

Ella Richards Glastonbury sunglasses 2023

Shop Ella Richards' style - Celine CL40193I 01A 


Have any thoughts or enquiries about the Glastonbury sunglasses showcased at this year's festival? Leave a comment below. If you are seeking information about a specific Glastonbury eyewear style that has piqued your interest then we're here to assist. 




Au revoir, 


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