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Grandpa Core Eyewear: Mastering 2024's Latest Trend

Grandpa Core Eyewear: Mastering 2024's Latest Trend

Deep within each of us resides an inner octogenarian just waiting to break free, at least according to TikTok's latest micro-trend. Say hello to "Grandpa Core."

So, what exactly is Grandpa Core? It's precisely what you'd envision – loafers, V-neck sweaters, subdued-tone cardigans (extra points for those with shawl collars), and extremely oversized blazers. To accessorise, grab a hand-knitted beanie or a random cap acquired during a holiday – because, as we all know, Grandpa accumulates clothing; he doesn't intentionally shop for himself. To finish off, you can't forget the essential - eyewear. 'Grandpa glasses' often embody a vintage or retro style, reminiscent of eyewear that might have been popular in the past decades (and still loved by the older generation). The typical design styles include classic shapes and frames such as aviators, round, or square frames, often featuring thicker rims. When we think Grandpa Core, we associate elements such as tortoiseshell patterns or metallic accents, but when we enter the world of Grandpa Core in 2024, rest assured that this is where classic meets cool.


According to Pinterest, searches for "Grandpa-Core" have surged by 65 per cent since this time last year, and "grandpa style" has seen a 60 per cent increase. Clearly, the fascination with all things octogenarian is on the rise, so let's find you the perfect glasses to complete the eclectic grandpa look.


Celebrities Pave the Way to the Grandpa Core Aesthetic

Paving the way to Grandpa Core are some of our favourite A-listers who have a daring enough style to embrace the charm and channel the 'out-there' trend. After doing our research, we have come across fashion's most influential donning the timeless combination of loafers, V-neck sweaters, patterned ties, a classic checkered print, and of course, vintage-inspired eyewear. 

When it comes to being a trailblazer in the Grandpa Core style, look no further than Tyler, the Creator. This musical maverick is a leading advocate for this eclectic fashion trend. If you're on the hunt for the utmost style tips, Tyler is undeniably the guy to turn to for Grandpa Core inspo. With his signature blend of vintage-inspired outfits, featuring everything from classic loafers to effortlessly layered cardigans, Tyler has redefined the fashion game. His fearless approach to mixing and matching elements from the Grandpa Core aesthetic has turned heads and inspired a generation to embrace this unique and timeless style. Let's look at some of his Grandpa Core frames you can shop online. 

Tyler the Creator wearing grandpa core style glassesTyler, the Creator, dons a classic pair of Ray-Ban 6496 2500 opticals.


Get Tyler's look with a timeless metal frame...     

Prada PR A51V ZVN1O1 Bottega Veneta BV1158O 002
Saint Laurent SL 314 006 Ray-Ban Aviator RB 6489 3086


“”Shop Tyler's style with Gucci GG1420OK 001


Grandpa Core isn't just a style movement for the gents; it's a fashion phenomenon embraced by some of our favourite trendsetting females. Breaking free from conventional fashion norms, these stylish women are rocking the Grandpa Core trend with unparalleled grace and flair.

Billie Eilish grandpa core rimless optical glasses


Billie Eilish shares a similar level of eclecticism with Tyler, the Creator, especially when it comes to her unique sense of style. The 22-year-old singer has become renowned for her distinct fashion choices, notably embracing elements of 'grandpa core.' Her recent styling choices often feature oversized pieces, and she skillfully complements this aesthetic with vintage eyewear, typically opting for rimless designs. Notably, the pair showcased above is a customised creation from Chrome Hearts. To help you capture Billie's distinctive look, we've included a selection of eyewear options below that embody her signature style.

Cartier CT0287O 001 Gucci GG1221O 001
Ray-Ban RB 8767 1227 Chopard VCH G39 0400


Gigi Hadid wearing Grandpa Core glasses with tinted lenses

In the above image, supermodel Gigi Hadid effortlessly rocks an oversized beige blazer, expertly paired with a stylish tie and oversized sunglasses featuring chic green-tinted lenses.


Looking for some quirky grandpa core frames with tinted lenses?

Tom Ford Marcus TF1023 48N
Gucci GG1105S 003
Tom Ford Falconer-02 TF884 01E

Gucci GG0475S 003


Bella Hadid wearing grandpa core sunglasses

Gigi isn't the only Hadid embracing this trend; Bella has also elevated her grandpa core aesthetic by adorning an oversized aviator style with a light havana acetate frame. Want her style? Discover our top four picks below from Gucci, Saint Laurent, Michael Kors & Tom Ford, for a similar and equally chic look.




Kendall Jenner channels Grandpa core aesthetic with DMY by DMY Valentina sunglasses

If oversized isn't your vibe, mastering the grandpa core look doesn't always demand going big and bold. Sometimes, the perfect way to enhance your outfit is with a sleeker, thinner frame—just like Kendall Jenner effortlessly demonstrates below as she pairs a colourful preppy sweater vest with DMY BY DMY Valentina sunglasses in havana.


ASAP Rocky grandpa core wearing grandpa core style Bottega Veneta sunglasses

For those aiming to embrace the grandpa core aesthetic without the need for clear lenses or prescription glasses, channelling the style of ASAP Rocky is the way to go. Significantly remarkable is his recent partnership with Bottega Veneta which showcases the brand's adeptness at capturing the essence of paparazzi-style shots. ASAP effortlessly flaunts various looks paired with these oversized Bottega Drop frames. Though the campaign doesn't explicitly centre around grandpa core, the Bottega drop sunglasses effortlessly encapsulate the timeless and chic essence of the grandpa core aesthetic. These frames have now become a personal style choice for the rapper, solidifying their iconic appeal in his fashion repertoire. It's no surprise that ASAP Rocky, one of the most stylish males in Hollywood, has become a huge advocate for this trend, further solidifying the timeless and chic nature of grandpa core fashion.


Get the look...
 Bottega Veneta BV1273S 005 Drop Aviator Cutler And Gross Sun 9782 02 Black On Horn
Tom Ford Troy TF836 52E Saint Laurent Sun SL 596 Dune 001




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