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History Unveiled: Tiffany & Co.'s Timeless Fusion of Jewellery and Eyewear

History Unveiled: Tiffany & Co.'s Timeless Fusion of Jewellery and Eyewear

Tiffany & Co., a name that resonates with luxury, elegance, and an unparalleled legacy in the world of fine jewellery, has been synonymous with love and romantic celebrations for over a century. The brand's inception dates back to 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young opened a "stationery and fancy goods store" in New York City. With an initial investment of $1,000 borrowed from Tiffany's father, the store quickly established itself as a purveyor of fine goods, laying the foundation for what would become one of the most iconic jewellery brands in the world.

Tiffany & Co. founders Charles Lewis Tiffany & John B. YoungTiffany & Co. founders, Charles Lewis Tiffany & John B. Young


The Early Years of Tiffany & Co.

The transformation from a boutique offering a variety of goods to a specialized jeweller marked the early years of Tiffany, a period defined by groundbreaking innovations that would shape the brand's trajectory. This evolution began with Tiffany's revolutionary approach to jewellery retail in America, ushering in a new era for the brand. In 1845, a pivotal moment occurred with the publication of the brand's first catalogue, aptly named the "Blue Book." This significant milestone not only showcased an exquisite jewellery collection but also introduced the American public to previously unseen high-quality gems.

During these formative years, Tiffany's commitment to quality and craftsmanship became a hallmark, distinguishing it from competitors in the burgeoning jewellery market. Charles Lewis Tiffany's visionary leadership and passion for curating the finest pieces set the foundation for the brand's enduring legacy. The early years of Tiffany laid the groundwork for its transformation into a renowned jewellery house, where each piece bore the stamp of meticulous artistry and uncompromising quality. This dedication to excellence became a guiding principle, steering Tiffany & Co. toward becoming one of the world's most iconic and revered names in the realm of fine jewellery.


Silver Purity Redefined: Tiffany's Standard of Excellence

Tiffany's adoption of the 925/1000 sterling silver standard was a pivotal moment that significantly contributed to the brand's esteemed reputation. This strategic decision reflected Tiffany & Co.'s unwavering commitment to quality and played a crucial role in shaping industry standards. The 925/1000 standard, later embraced as the American sterling silver standard, underscored Tiffany's dedication to purity in crafting its silverware and diamond jewellery.

By adhering to this stringent standard, Tiffany & Co. positioned itself as a paragon of excellence in the eyes of discerning clients, particularly the elite and wealthy. The brand's silverware, characterized by its exceptional craftsmanship and purity, became highly sought after, solidifying Tiffany's status as a premier destination for those with a taste for the finest things in life.

Tiffany & Co. 925-1000 sterling silver

This commitment to both purity and quality not only elevated Tiffany's standing among the elite but also ensured that each piece bearing the Tiffany & Co. insignia represented a pinnacle of artistry and refinement. As a result, Tiffany's adoption of the sterling silver standard became an integral part of its narrative, contributing to the enduring legacy of the brand as a purveyor of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


Crowning Love with Brilliance: The Timeless Innovation of the Tiffany Setting

The brand's synonymous relationship with love and romance can be traced back to several key innovations and contributions to the jewellery industry. Perhaps the most significant is the introduction of the Tiffany Setting in 1886, which marked a transformative moment in the world of engagement rings. Created by Charles Lewis Tiffany himself, this iconic design featured a diamond raised above the band on six prongs. The intention was to maximise the exposure of the diamond to light, allowing for unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. The Tiffany Setting departed from the traditional approach of embedding diamonds into the band, creating a ring that not only showcased the beauty of the diamond but also emphasised its prominence in a way that had never been seen before.

The Tiffany Setting - Tiffany & Co.
The innovation of the Tiffany Setting not only revolutionised engagement ring designs but also set a new standard for timeless elegance and sophistication. The distinctive six-prong setting became synonymous with Tiffany & Co.'s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The setting's influence extended beyond the immediate visual appeal – it symbolised a declaration of enduring love and a commitment to unparalleled excellence.

Over the years, the Tiffany Setting has become an enduring symbol of romance, admired for its classic simplicity and the way it captures the essence of a love that stands the test of time. Its influence is so profound that the term "Tiffany Setting" has become part of the jewellery lexicon, representing a benchmark for exceptional engagement ring design.


Tiffany's Reign as the 'King of Diamonds'

Over the years, Tiffany & Co. has been at the forefront of many firsts in the jewellery industry, including the introduction of major gemstones to the American market. The discovery of the Tiffany Diamond in 1878, one of the largest and finest yellow diamonds ever discovered, and the acquisition of the French Crown Jewels in 1887, further established Tiffany's reputation as the "King of Diamonds."

Unwrapping Elegance: The Tiffany Blue Box and the Art of Unboxing

Tiffany & Co. blue box packagingTiffany & Co.'s signature blue box

The brand's commitment to excellence and innovation extended beyond jewellery design to its marketing and branding strategies. The Tiffany Blue Box, introduced in the 19th century, became an instantly recognisable symbol of luxury and exclusivity. The mere sight of the iconic robin's egg blue box evokes feelings of anticipation and joy, making it an integral part of the Tiffany brand experience. This emphasis on presentation and the unboxing experience reinforced the brand's association with special moments and romantic celebrations.


Tiffany & Co.'s Enduring Presence in Love Stories and Popular Culture

Tiffany & Co.'s influence extends into popular culture, further solidifying its association with love and romance. The 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," based on Truman Capote's novella, immortalised the brand as a symbol of love, elegance, and the pursuit of dreams. The film's portrayal of Tiffany & Co. as a place where "nothing very bad could happen to you" resonated with audiences worldwide, intertwining the brand with notions of love, protection, and emotional sanctuary.

Audrey Hepburn stars in Breakfast at Tiffany'sAudrey Hepburn stars in Blake Edwards 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Throughout its history, Tiffany & Co. has remained at the heart of love stories and romantic celebrations around the globe. The brand's enduring legacy is not just in its exquisite jewellery but in its ability to capture and celebrate the most precious moments in life. Whether through the timeless elegance of the Tiffany Setting engagement ring, the joy of opening a Tiffany Blue Box, or its presence in iconic moments of popular culture, Tiffany & Co. has become more than just a jewellery brand; it is a symbol of love, commitment, and the timeless pursuit of beauty.


Elegance Beyond Adornments: Tiffany & Co. in the World of Eyewear

Just as Tiffany & Co. has woven its legacy into the tapestry of love stories and iconic moments, its influence extends seamlessly into the realm of eyewear. In 2008, Tiffany & Co. made a distinctive entrance into the eyewear industry, a natural extension of its commitment to timeless elegance. Mirroring its iconic status in the world of luxury, the introduction of eyewear marked a new chapter in Tiffany & Co.'s journey. With a legacy built on meticulous craftsmanship and design philosophy, the brand translated its savoir-faire into eyewear that transcends mere accessories.

Model & actress Meadow Walker was the face of Tiffany's eyewear campaign in 2023

Meadow Walker Tiffany & Co. eyewear campaign 2023Above, Meadow Walker wears Tiffany & Co TF4205U 8001/S4


Meadow Walker stars in Tiffany & Co.'s 2023 Eyewear campaignAbove, Meadow Walker wears Tiffany & Co TF2232U

Embracing the same spirit that made the Tiffany Setting engagement ring and the Tiffany Blue Box symbols of refined taste and romance, Tiffany & Co. eyewear redefines how we perceive elegance in vision. Each pair reflects the brand's heritage, incorporating elements that echo the sentiments of love, commitment, and the pursuit of beauty. The eyewear collection effortlessly complements the brand's narrative, becoming an integral part of the cherished moments Tiffany & Co. is renowned for celebrating.

As with its renowned jewellery, Tiffany & Co. eyewear is not merely an accessory; it's a statement of enduring style and sophistication. The frames, like miniature works of art, showcase a harmonious blend of innovation and classic design. This expansion into eyewear seamlessly aligns with Tiffany & Co.'s legacy, where every creation becomes a symbol of emotion and a bridge to timeless beauty.


Our Tiffany & Co. Bestsellers

Tiffany & Co TF4089B 8134/3B Tiffany & Co TF4089B 80553C
Tiffany & Co TF2109HB 8124 Tiffany & Co TF2109HB 8134

In this journey from engagement rings to eyewear, Tiffany & Co. remains a beacon of elegance, a curator of moments, and a guardian of the enduring pursuit of beauty.


 A Fusion of Celebrity Style and Tiffany & Co.'s Iconic Jewellery-Inspired Eyewear

In addition to Tiffany and Co.'s classic eyewear pieces, the brand is synonymous with crafting custom eyewear infused with the same iconic designs showcased in their jewellery. These bespoke creations not only embody the essence of Tiffany's timeless style but also redefine the boundaries of personalised elegance. Each custom piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to seamlessly intertwining the worlds of eyewear and jewellery, creating designs that truly transcend expectations and captivate the essence of individualised sophistication. 
Pharrell Williams wears custom Tiffany sunglasses at Louis Vuitton fashion show
Pharrell Williams dons custom Tiffany & Co. sunglasses at the Louis Vuitton Men's SS24 fashion show.
Pharrell Williams custom Tiffany & Co. glasses
Beyonce wears custom Tiffany & Co. sunglasses while on Renaissance Tour
Beyoncé wears bespoke Tiffany & Co. sunglasses while on her 2023 Renaissance Tour.
Looking for your very own pair of Tiffany & Co. frames? Take a look at our Tiffany sunglasses & glasses collections.


Tiffany & Co.'s synonymous relationship with love stems from its historical legacy of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. The brand's commitment to creating unforgettable moments and its cultural significance as a symbol of romantic ideals have cemented its place in the hearts of those celebrating love. Tiffany & Co. is not just about jewellery; it's about the stories, emotions, and memories that bind people together, making it an eternal emblem of love and affection.



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