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Miu Miu's Endless Summer: Celebrities Unveil Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Miu Miu's Endless Summer: Celebrities Unveil Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

In Miu Miu’s Latest Press Release [Milan, 29th January 2024], the brand shares the heat of summer meets the heat of the spotlight as May Andersen, Emma Corrin, Angel Haze, Lexie Liu, Demi Singleton, and Cailee Spaeny grace the Miu Miu campaign for Spring/Summer 2024.

In a mesmerizing collection of bold portraits, Miu Miu captures the essence of an uncharted season, where simplicity and vitality converge in a space that defies definition.

Miu Miu Endless Summer campaign Spring/Summer 2024Angel Haze, Emma Corrin, Lexie Liu and May Andersen for Miu Miu’s Endless Summer Campaign 2024


A Star-Studded Cast

Cailee Spaeny for Miu Miu’s Endless Summer Campaign 2024Cailee Spaeny for Miu Miu’s Endless Summer Campaign 2024


This season's campaign features a multi-disciplinary cast, including actors, singers, and models, each exuding a distinct beauty and a sense of purpose. Among them, Cailee Spaeny, rising star and lead in Sofia Coppola's latest film, takes centre stage.

In her role as Priscilla Presley, Spaeny not only graces the silver screen but also commands attention as the front-and-centre star of Miu Miu's SS24 campaign.
 Below she wears Miu Miu MU 04ZS 1AB5S0 sunglasses.

Cailee Spaeny out in Venice, the 9th May 2013

Cailee Spaeny out in Venice, the 9th May 2013

Cailee Spaeny out in Venice, the 9th of May 2023 wearing Miu Miu MU 04ZS 1AB5S0 sunglasses


Priscilla in Miu Miu

Drawing parallels between Priscilla Presley's timeless style and Miu Miu's irreverent elegance, Mrs. Prada enlists Cailee Spaeny to embody the spirit of the Miu Miu woman.

A snippet of Priscilla's fashion evolution in Sofia Coppola's biopic, where Cailee Spaeny plays the iconic role, hints at the transformation echoed in Miu Miu's SS24 collection.

Cailee Spaeny wears Miu Miu to the 'Priscilla' London Film Festival Premiere

Cailee Spaeny Wearing Miu Miu to The ‘Priscilla’ London Film Festival Premiere


"If Priscilla Presley were rising to fame today, she'd have been papped on the red carpet wearing the odd Miu Miu look or two," suggests Dazed Digital, underscoring the natural synergy between the pop culture legend and the fashion house.

Seen alongside familiar faces like Emma Corrin and Angel Haze, Cailee Spaeny models bookish pieces from Miu Miu's hit new season offering. The collection itself draws inspiration from the frazzled librarian, presenting a juxtaposition of prim blouses, a-line skirts, and prevailing underpants as outerwear. It captures the essence of Miu Miu's signature style—irreverent yet knowledgeable, with an edge that adds a touch of allure.


Emma Corrin in the Miu Miu Holiday campaign 2024Miu Miu Holiday 2024 Campaign With Emma Corrin


Sofia Coppola's Priscilla

Sofia Coppola, known for her meticulous attention to detail in film, has once again created a visually stunning world in her latest feature, Priscilla. An adaptation of Priscilla Presley's memoir, the film not only delves into the private life of the pop culture icon but also showcases the evolution of her style.

"Elvis is dressing her. The skirts actually still have a little bit of volume at the very beginning, but then, as they move on, they have less," explains Stacey Battat, the film's costume lead. This transformation mirrors the fashion narrative in Miu Miu's SS24 collection, where bold prints, lighter fabrics, and easier cuts symbolize Priscilla's growing independence as her marriage unfolds on-screen.


Jacob Elordi & Cailee Spaney in Priscilla wearing sunglassesJacob Elordi & Cailee Spaney in Priscilla, Directed by Sofia Coppola, 2023


Priscilla Presley's Sunglasses Legacy

Priscilla Presley, an emblem of timeless glamour, left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. If Priscilla were gracing the red carpet today, it's easy to imagine her donning the latest Miu Miu, effortlessly blending sophistication with a touch of irreverence. 

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley 

Much like Priscilla's penchant for coquettish twin sets, slinky pencil skirts, and a-line minis, Miu Miu's SS24 collection captures that same spirit of boldness and playfulness. The juxtaposition of elements in the campaign mirrors the unconventional pairings that defined Priscilla's iconic looks—lace button-up shirts, a bathing slip with beaded cocktail wear, and striped t-shirts with a gold brocade skirt.

The Miu Miu eyewear collection, with its contemporary designs and avant-garde details, seamlessly aligns with Priscilla's trailblazing style.

It's an irreverent yet knowledgeable approach to fashion, where purpose and function are subverted, and unexpected pairings become a testament to the complexity and layering of contemporary style.


Priscilla Presley wearing Chanel sunglassesPriscilla Presley Wearing CHANEL Sunglasses arriving at the Venice Film Festival


Just as Priscilla's style evolved throughout her journey, from innocent schoolgirl to bona fide fashion icon, Miu Miu's SS24 collection embraces a similar narrative. The sunglasses in the campaign not only shield the eyes but also tell a story of transformation, much like the evolution of Priscilla's choices in Sofia Coppola's biopic.

As the star-studded cast embodies the spirit of Miu Miu's SS24 collection, it's not just about fashion—it's a celebration of empowerment, individuality, and the evolving narratives of women.

Miu Miu bridges the gap between cinematic storytelling and real-world fashion, creating a space where each woman can own her style with a sense of immediacy and singular physicality.


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