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Winter Sunglasses For 2022 - Approved By Stylish Celebs

Winter Sunglasses For 2022 - Approved By Stylish Celebs

Our Favourite 2022 Winter Sunglasses - Approved By Stylish Celebs 

Winter has certainly approached us fast this year, but that doesn't mean that the time has come to store your sunglasses at the back of a drawer until summer 2023! With oversized hoodies, knitwear, and chunky boots becoming more predominant in everybody's end-of-year wardrobe, that doesn't mean that it is time to ditch the accessories. Eyewear is always appropriate, all year round, and it can spice up any outfit to take it from dull to ultra-cool. Let's dive into some of our favourite winter sunglasses to round off 2022.


The Biker (Aka Dad) Sunglasses - The Latest Craze

Biker sunglasses have been a huge craze this year. Also known as 'dad glasses', they may remind you of a pair of sunglasses that your father, or grandfather, may have flaunted on family trips throughout the summer in the 90s. Fast-forward to 2022, and they have got to be one of the biggest trends out. These shades tend to feature a metallic or black rim, adding a fresh and futuristic look to any outfit. The hype of this style peaked within the SS22 season, as many individuals were seen styling the shades with summer outfits including festival fits. It certainly helped that some of the most influential celebs were seen sporting them across Instagram too, including Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and most noticeably, Kim Kardashian. We are sure that this fad is not dying down anytime soon.

 Balenciaga sunglasses


Bold, Black Aviators - A Winter Sunglasses Staple Pair 

We have to ask ourselves, will this style ever die out? Absolutely not! Black aviators will always be considered a timeless piece and, in all honesty, it makes sense why. This simple and delicate style of sunglasses will be sure to go with any outfit to make it slightly more interesting and put together. They can truly make the most basic outfit look, well, basic no more! This sleek Saint Laurent Classic 11 style below, seen on Kendall Jenner, are perfect for those winter days when you step out to brace the snow in an all-black outfit. Oh, and they are perfect for covering eye-bags and no makeup looks after the Christmas party season!


Saint Laurent Winter Sunglasses


A simplistic Oval Lens - For Those Looking to Stand Out With Their Winter Sunglasses

If you prefer a more retro look, then oval lens glasses should be at the top of your winter sunglasses wish list. This style of glasses is more simplistic and well suited to those who prefer to take the 'less is more approach.' The petite frame is perfect for those with a more chiselled and defined facial structure and they can even look great paired up with a classy outfit for an evening look. If you are feeling bold, you could ditch the dark tint lens and opt for a colour-tint lens such as orange or yellow (another favourite amongst fashion lovers). This will be sure to add a distinctive and quirky touch to any look. For a little something extra, add a gold chain around the temples to keep the look trendy and affluent. 

Oval sunglasses



The Unusual Prada Style - Follow One of the Biggest Trends Out

Prada has hit the nail on the head with their latest Symbole-style sunglasses. Although most commonly seen in Black, the brand also offer this style in a variety of different colourways, including marble and honey tortoiseshell to name a few. However, the all-black model has taken the Instagram and Pinterest world by storm, and it seems as though every influencer is jumping on the hype of the Symbole glasses. With celebrities and popular influencers such as Pete Davidson, Mary Bedford, Camila Mendes and Shay Mitchell flaunting them, this unisex style is sure to remain on trend for the foreseeable.  

Prada sunglasses


Anything Y2K, of course - Yes, Y2K Winter Sunglasses Will Suit Any Look

There is no denying that the Y2K trend has got to be one of the most influential and highest-demand trends that we have seen over the last few years, especially across the UK. So, when looking to invest in winter sunglasses, anything Y2K would be sure to scream style! Y2K styles are varied, but they often can feature a tinted lens or an old-school visor shape. When it comes to Y2K, Balenciaga has sort of nailed it. Offering shield shades as well as sleek mirrored lenses, they are pretty much the epitome of Y2K at this rate, and of course, their biggest advocate, Kim Kardashian, is always sporting a pair.


Balenciaga Winter Sunglasses

Be sure to check out our list of Y2K Sunglasses stocked at PRETAVOIR HERE!

A Daring Pair of Gucci's - To Look As Cool As Miley 

Sunglasses with a bold print across the lens are always a good idea, right? If you are a fan of certain brands, sometimes it can be great to flaunt them by displaying their signature logo or print on garments and accessories. As Miley Cyrus becomes recognised as the new face of Gucci following her appearance in their 2022 Gucci Flora fragrance campaign, let's reflect on her 2021 Gucci Aria collection debut. Have we reminded you of her impressive shades yet? A bold pattern will always be on trend, no matter the season, and thankfully, Gucci's prominent print continues to remain chic. With a variety of colourways, we are sure that you will find a pair of winter sunglasses from this hit brand to accompany your winter wardrobe.  


Gucci sunglasses


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