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The History & Legacy of Palm Angels

The History & Legacy of Palm Angels

In the bustling realm of fashion, 2015 marked the birth of an enigmatic streetwear force: Palm Angels. Behind this visionary venture stood Francesco Ragazzi, a luminary whose journey through the corridors of style began amidst the storied halls of Moncler. As the former artistic director of this esteemed Maison, Ragazzi honed his craft, immersing himself in the intricate tapestry of haute couture. Yet, it was the sun-kissed streets of Los Angeles that whispered to his soul, igniting a passion that would redefine the boundaries of contemporary fashion. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant skateboarding culture of the City of Angels, Ragazzi embarked on a daring odyssey – a photography project capturing the essence of LA's urban playground. Little did he know, this artistic endeavour would metamorphose into Palm Angels, a beacon of luxury streetwear that effortlessly melds Italian sophistication with West Coast allure. Thus, in the crucible of creativity, Palm Angels emerged, captivating hearts and minds with its audacious spirit and boundless vision.

Francesco Ragazzi's photography book - Palm Angels

Crafted by the Creative Vision of Francesco Ragazzi

Born in 1980 in Milan, Francesco Ragazzi's journey into the fashion world began in a time when opportunities were scarce and the industry was wary of underground influences. Undeterred by the challenges of the era, Ragazzi remained steadfast in his belief, refusing to compromise on his dreams. Climbing the ranks at Moncler, where he eventually assumed the role of artistic director, Ragazzi's passion for exploration led him to seek inspiration in travel and cultural immersion. In 2014, fueled by his love for photography, Ragazzi published the photo book "Palm Angels," a captivating portrayal of Los Angeles' skate culture. This seminal work, born from years of dedication, captures the essence of the City of Angels – a vibrant tapestry of urban life, skateboarding subculture, and societal taboos. Ragazzi's visionary lens immortalized moments of freedom and rebellion, culminating in a collection of black-and-white imagery that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. This photo book wasn't merely a visual compilation; it sparked a significant transformation. Inspired by the captivating visuals and distinctive lifestyle depicted, Ragazzi ventured into the realm of fashion. In the same year as the book's release, he introduced Palm Angels as a clothing brand during Milan Fashion Week. Palm Angels swiftly garnered attention for its innovative approach, bridging the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion. Drawing inspiration from the rebellious spirit and edgy style of the skateboarding subculture, Ragazzi's designs embodied a fusion of urban street vibes with a high-end aesthetic.

Models eagerly anticipate taking the runway for Palm Angels' Fall 2022 show in Milan, Italy.


From Book to Brand: A Journey of Creative Evolution

Following the launch of Palm Angels, the brand quickly gained traction and recognition, making its significant runway debut during New York Fashion Week in 2017. This pivotal moment marked Palm Angels' transition from a photography project to a fully-fledged fashion label. The runway show not only showcased Ragazzi's creative vision but also solidified Palm Angels' position in the competitive fashion industry. Collaborations played a crucial role in the brand's growth trajectory, notably with Moncler in 2017. This partnership merged Moncler's technical expertise with Palm Angels' streetwear flair, resulting in a successful and well-received collection that enhanced Palm Angels' visibility and expanded its reach. The brand's evolution from a photography project to a global fashion phenomenon is a testament to Ragazzi's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, cementing Palm Angels' legacy as an icon of contemporary streetwear culture.


Crafting Signature Style and Worldwide Reach

Synonymous with bold graphics, tie-dye patterns, and the iconic palm tree motif, Palm Angels' tracksuits, hoodies, graphic tees, and sneakers quickly became sought-after staples, emblematic of the brand's signature style.

As Palm Angels flourished, it expanded its global presence by opening flagship stores in key fashion capitals like Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Milan. These stores provided immersive experiences reflecting the brand's edgy aesthetic. Over time, Palm Angels diversified its product line, introducing collections encompassing outerwear, accessories, and footwear. Collaborations with artists, musicians, and other fashion brands further propelled the brand's status, showcasing its ability to fuse diverse influences while staying true to its skate-inspired roots. 

Palm Angels Palmdale PERI054 1007 - featuring the iconic palm tree motif



Introducing Palm Angels Eyewear: Elevating the California Aesthetic

Building upon the success of its ready-to-wear collections, Palm Angels made a bold entrance into the eyewear market in 2021 with a range that encapsulates the brand's distinctive style. Francesco Ragazzi expressed his vision for the eyewear line, stating, "These eyewear pieces to me capture the essence of Palm Angels – striking and bold, with a taste of the classic California aesthetic that has forever inspired me."

Palm Angels Angel Sunglasses

The introduction of Palm Angels eyewear represented a natural evolution for the brand, maintaining an inherent dialogue with its ready-to-wear collections while venturing into new territory. Designed and developed exclusively in Italy under the New Guards Group, the eyewear collection embodies Palm Angels' signature aesthetic with geometric shapes and ultra-sharp silhouettes.

Central to the eyewear line's design are the Palm Angels logos prominently featured on the temples, a bold statement of the brand's identity. Despite their essential design, the sunglasses exude confidence and style, reflecting the brand's ethos of blending simplicity with boldness seamlessly.


Palm Angels Yosemite Sunglasses


With Palm Angels' eyewear collection officially launching in mid-2021, this marked a significant milestone for the brand's expansion into accessories. With its innovative designs and undeniable Californian vibe, Palm Angels eyewear offers fashion enthusiasts a new way to experience the brand's iconic aesthetic. As Palm Angels continues to push boundaries and redefine contemporary fashion, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the brand's eyewear collection. With its innovative designs and unwavering commitment to style, Palm Angels is poised to make a lasting impact on the eyewear market. We cannot wait to see what's to come from the brand's eyewear collection, as it continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its bold and iconic aesthetic.



Palm Angels' influence has transcended traditional fashion norms, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. The brand's presence extends beyond runways and retail spaces, making frequent appearances on red carpets, in music videos, and across social media platforms. This widespread visibility has cemented Palm Angels' status as a trendsetting label with a global following. Guided by Francesco Ragazzi's visionary leadership, Palm Angels remains committed to pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection between street culture and high fashion.


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