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Paul Newman Sunglasses: Get the Look

Paul Newman Sunglasses: Get the Look

Paul Newman, an epitome of Hollywood's golden era, transcended his role as an actor to become an enduring symbol of style, elegance, and philanthropy. With a career that spanned over six decades, Newman was not just celebrated for his compelling performances on screen but also admired for his distinctive fashion sense, particularly his iconic choice of sunglasses. Newman's style legacy, characterised by his fondness for aviator sunglasses, continues to inspire fashion enthusiasts and remains a testament to his timeless appeal.

 Paul Newman aviator sunglasses Carrera Champion/N 003IR new edition of Paul Newman sunglasses

Paul Newman, the man who redefined aviator sunglasses. Get look with the Carrera Champion/N 003IR sunglasses.


Newman's relationship with sunglasses went beyond mere fashion accessories; they were an extension of his persona, a shield that added an aura of mystery to his already charismatic presence. His preference for oversized aviators, often paired with everything from formal attire to casual wear, showcased his ability to blend effortless style with functionality. These sunglasses, which Newman made an indispensable part of his style repertoire, represented more than just a trend; they symbolized a lifestyle, a blend of casual elegance and rugged charm.


Paul Newman aviator Carrera sunglasses

Carrera Champion 65/N DCCHA
Carrera Superchampion 2M22K

Paul Newman wearing his signature Carrera Champion frames. Shop Paul Newman’s Iconic look with the Carrera Champion 65/N & Carrera Superchampion.


The brand most frequently associated with Newman's iconic look is Carrera, renowned for its Champion model. This connection between Newman and Carrera was not coincidental but a reflection of shared values—speed, adventure, and a pioneering spirit. Newman, an accomplished race car driver, found a natural affinity with Carrera's motorsport-inspired aesthetics. The Champion model, with its sleek design and robust build, mirrored Newman's dynamic lifestyle and his penchant for the adrenaline rush of racing.


Paul Newman Carrera sunglasses

Tom Ford Troy TF836 52E Isabel Marant Naya IM 0006/S 086HA

Paul Newman in 1979 at 24 Hours of Le Mans wearing vintage Carrera - Looking for havana Carrera's Get a similar look with Tom Ford Troy & Isabel Marant Naya.


Newman's approach to eyewear was indicative of his broader fashion philosophy—uncomplicated yet sophisticated, timeless yet contemporary. His ability to don aviator sunglasses with an air of nonchalance turned them into a signature element of his style, influencing fashion trends and solidifying the aviator's status as a versatile and enduring choice in eyewear.

Paul Newman wearing sunglasses in the movie 'The Drowning Pool'

Paul Newman in ‘The Drowning Pool’ movie. Shop the style similar to this Silhouette Accent Shades & David Beckham DB 7102.


 Silhouette Accent Shades 8704/75 9140 Polarised David Beckham DB 7102/S 85KM9 Polarised


Beyond the realm of fashion, Newman's choice of sunglasses also offered a glimpse into his personal life. Known for his deep, piercing blue eyes, Newman chose sunglasses that complemented and sometimes shielded his most recognized feature. Yet, those same sunglasses that obscured the view of his eyes also served as a window into his soul, revealing a man of depth, integrity, and generosity. 


Actor Paul Newman wearing havana aviator style sunglasses

Shop similar to Newman's sunglasses above with Tom Ford Marcus and Persol 0649.


Persol 0649 24/31  Tom Ford Marcus TF1023 48N


Paul Newman's enduring legacy in fashion, particularly his iconic sunglasses, is a narrative of style transcending time. His seamless integration of aviators into his personal and professional life underscores the accessory's versatility and enduring appeal. As we reminisce about Newman's contributions to cinema and philanthropy, his distinctive choice in eyewear remains a beacon of timeless style, reminding us of a man who lived with passion, purpose, and an impeccable sense of style. 


Paul Newman wears black aviator style sunglasses while getting interview by ABC

Shop Similar Sunglasses as Paul Newman’s with Prada Linea Rossa SPS 06W & Isabel Marant IM 0124.


Prada Linea Rossa SPS 06W 1AB06G Polarised Isabel Marant IM 0124/S 8079O


Today, Newman's influence in fashion, especially his iconic use of sunglasses, continues to resonate. It's a reminder that true style is timeless, transcending trends and epochs. In celebrating Paul Newman, we not only honour his cinematic genius and philanthropic endeavours but also his indelible mark on the world of fashion, proving that style, like talent, is eternal.

Paul Newman in 'The Color of Money' wearing metal aviator sunglasses.

Get the look of Paul Newman in ‘The Colour of Money’ with Carrera 1052/S, Carrera 1054/S sunglasses.


Carrera 1052/S 06J86

Carrera 1054/S 2M286


In the world of Hollywood glamour and the roar of race car engines, Paul Newman stood as a beacon of timeless style and effortless charm. His legacy transcends his cinematic masterpieces and philanthropic endeavours, extending into the realm of fashion, particularly through his iconic choice of eyewear. Imagine a collection of sunglasses, each piece as charismatic and distinguished as Newman himself, a curated selection that whispers tales of classic elegance and daring adventures. This isn't just a list of eyewear; it's a homage to Newman's enduring legacy, a journey through styles that capture the essence of a legend. Each pair of sunglasses in this collection is a nod to the man who made aviators more than just a pilot's accessory, turning them into a symbol of suave sophistication. It's a story written in the language of style, inspired by Paul Newman's indelible mark on the world.



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