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Paul Smith Eyewear: British Heritage Meets Global Inspiration

Paul Smith Eyewear: British Heritage Meets Global Inspiration

From its humble beginnings in a quaint 3 x 3-meter shop in Nottingham, England, the Paul Smith brand has transcended borders and embraced a global perspective. What commenced as a local endeavour has now flourished into an international phenomenon, boasting an impressive count of 130 stores across the globe, spanning over 60 countries.

Paul Smith designer

Guiding this remarkable journey is none other than Sir Paul Smith himself – the visionary designer and master shopkeeper of the Paul Smith empire. Although he wears the title of "Sir," Paul exudes an approachability that encourages you to simply call him Paul. His timeless mantra, "You can find inspiration in everything," continues to serve as the cornerstone of the brand's ethos. This principle breathes life into every facet of the company, resulting in eclectic and captivating designs that draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of art, music, and the mundane beauty of everyday life. Moreover, Paul's lifelong passion for cycling finds a subtle yet profound presence within the brand's creations.


Paul Smith Eyewear

At the heart of Paul Smith's creative universe lies the enchanting realm of eyewear. Paul Smith Eyewear stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to blending traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde design, culminating in pieces of enduring beauty and desirability. This collection serves as a canvas for the brand to express its affinity for colour, a trait that has become synonymous with Paul Smith's identity. Vivid hues find expression through the artful interplay of tinted acetates and lenses, often inspired by Paul Smith's distinctive Artist Stripe. It's a tribute to the brand's ability to infuse even the most functional of accessories with a burst of artistic vibrancy.


Elevating Style: The Innovative Design and Craftsmanship of Paul Smith Eyewear

Beyond the aesthetic marvel, Paul Smith Eyewear embraces a delightful touch of naming innovation. The frames, carefully crafted and exquisitely designed, bear the names of iconic London streets, a homage to the brand's British heritage and a reflection of the urban spirit that fuels its creativity.

Delving deeper into the design elements, the eyewear collection showcases meticulous attention to detail:

  • Functional Horizontal Stripe Pin Detail: Featuring diverse acetate constructions, Paul Smith's patterned temple core, and innovative stripe temple rivets.
  • Artist Stripe Hinges: The iconic Artist Stripe hinges, adorned with enamel-coloured detailing and metal end caps, pay direct homage to the brand's DNA.   
  • Paul Smith Artist Stripe Detailing: The legendary Artist Stripe branding is discreetly enamelled or applied to temple tips, serving as a mark of distinction.   

Paul Smith Eyewear design elements

The allure of Paul Smith Eyewear extends beyond aesthetics; it encapsulates a fusion of contrasting laminates, evoking traditional muted tones juxtaposed with splashes of colour. This fusion harkens back to the designer's mainline collections, drawing parallels to the tasteful contrast found in suit linings or the soles of formal dress shoes.


Reasons to delve into the world of Paul Smith Eyewear are manifold:

  • Britain's Premier Independent Designer: Paul Smith's reverence for simplicity, tradition, and classics has established him as a quintessential British designer who deftly evolves with the times.
  • Eclectic Collections: Reflecting Sir Paul Smith's penchant for eclecticism, the brand's collections exude creativity and boldness, embodying the essence of modern British eccentricity.
  • Classic with a Twist: This encapsulates Paul's design philosophy – products that exude style, distinctiveness, and effortless wearability.
  • A Kaleidoscope of Colour: The Paul Smith name is synonymous with vibrancy, stripes, and the spirit of bicycles.

A final feather in Paul Smith's cap is the gender-neutral appeal of his creations. Ranging from individuals in their twenties to their sixties, the extensive range ensures a perfect fit for exclusive soirées and heartwarming family gatherings alike.


Check out some of our best selling Paul Smith frames below:

Paul Smith Fairfax PSOP085 01 Black Havana

Paul Smith Fairfax PSOP085 01 Black Havana


Paul Smith Floyd PSOP082 02 Dark Turtle Khaki

Paul Smith Floyd PSOP082 02 Dark Turtle Khaki


Paul Smith Errol PSSN069 003

Paul Smith Errol PSSN069 003


Paul Smith Edison PSSN062 03

Paul Smith Edison PSSN062 03



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