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Renato Montagner at Tag Heuer Eyewear

Renato Montagner at Tag Heuer Eyewear

Renato Montagner: The Creative Mind Behind the Collection

In the resurgence of Tag Heuer's eyewear collection, Renato Montagner stands as the driving force behind its innovative designs. Tasked with crafting the new TAG Heuer Eyewear collection, Montagner unveils the intricate process behind his creations. A decade since its last iteration, TAG Heuer collaborates with Montagner, an esteemed Italian designer and architect, to cater to diverse gender identities with his glasses. Hailing from his workshop in Venice, Italy, Montagner's dedication to functionality and his appreciation for Swiss design aesthetics shape his work. Reflecting on his academic years, Montagner fondly recalls the influence of Le Corbusier, whose emphasis on human body proportions continues to inspire his design philosophy.

Renato Montagner

Crafting Designs Rooted in Human Form

In developing the new collection, Renato committed himself to designing eyewear that harmonizes with the contours of the human body. By delving into the intricacies of human anatomy, he sought to create glasses that effortlessly adapt to the wearer's face, especially during dynamic activities such as running or working. Opting for a bespoke solution not only enhances one's appearance but also allows for the crafting of a distinct style tailored to perfection. While this approach may not strictly adhere to traditional fashion norms, its emphasis on individuality holds profound significance.

Central to the collection is the elevation of vision performance, requiring the utilization of premium filters, lenses, and an impeccable design for extended wear during various activities such as running, commuting, or cycling. The primary hurdle was in crafting eyewear that seamlessly integrates with the wearer's appearance, almost becoming indistinguishable and serving as a natural extension of oneself. This emphasis on blending harmoniously with the human body's proportions is a cornerstone of Montagner's design philosophy.

Renato Montagner designs Tag Heuer's latest eyewear collection



Embracing Swiss Tradition and Precision

Upon joining TAG Heuer, Renato faced the formidable task of upholding Swiss tradition, precision, elegance, and proportion. Every aspect of the design process needed to align with the principles of purity and a minimalist approach to Swiss design. With a focus on creating exceptionally lightweight products, Renato's objective for the project was clear: reduce, optimize, and standardize elements to achieve a minimalistic design while also promoting sustainability.

The design industry's streamlining process plays a crucial role in minimizing elements and environmental impact. Renato Montagner emphasizes that the collection epitomizes innovation and avant-garde materials. Avant-garde, inherently risky, is embraced in this collection, which seeks to revolutionize the eyewear experience. By incorporating materials like recycled graphite, bio-nylon, and cork, the aim is to push boundaries and redefine conventional norms. TAG Heuer's pioneering efforts in this direction 15 years ago exemplify a true avant-garde spirit, setting the stage for this groundbreaking collection.


Pushing Boundaries with Innovation

TAG Heuer returns with an unyielding commitment to innovation, pushing the limits of what's possible. Known for its precision, TAG Heuer understands the value of every millisecond and every millimetre. The new collection prioritizes lightweight design, with graphite being a key material choice. Graphite, renowned for its strength and lightness in applications like ski equipment and tennis rackets, emerged as an ideal material for this purpose. Additionally, carbon fibre, known for its similar properties, was considered. However, the pursuit of flexibility and ultimate comfort led to the development of a patented system that redefines titanium for an optimal fit. This amalgamation of diverse materials, cutting-edge technology, and new patents allows Renato to confidently declare, "This is truly avant-garde." While the packaging is often seen as a luxurious jewel box, Renato envisions an industrial counterpart. For him, packaging serves not just as an extension of the product, but as a protector of the object within, aligning with his vision for practicality and functionality.

As a result, he chose a darker grey industrial cardboard for the packaging. Each component is carefully crafted in Switzerland and then manufactured in Italy, Germany, or France. While sourcing European-made packaging presented challenges, his production strategy facilitated the creation of cost-effective cardboard boxes. These boxes are assembled with minimal glue usage and are devoid of ink, highlighting his dedication to simplicity and environmentally conscious practices.


Renato Montagner designs Tag Heuer's latest eyewear collection 


Tag Heuer: Versatile Eyewear Lines for Every Lifestyle

The rejuvenated TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear collection includes three distinct lines: Pro Performance, Sports Performance, and Daily Urban Performance. The Pro Performance line is crafted for athletes and adventurers, Pro Performance blends cutting-edge technology with avant-garde design. Whether you’re careening down a mountain, barreling through a giant wave or racing across a bike trail, these glasses are primed to excel in extreme conditions. Precision and performance, are guaranteed.

Next, the Sport Performance line. Now this isn’t just about athleticism; it’s also about style. Elegance and functionality are keywords here. You can wear these glasses during those sunlit golf sessions, quick 10k runs, or whatever you like. Just know that wherever and whenever you wear these, you’re going to make heads turn.

Finally, the Daily Urban Performance line. These glasses are versatile and ready to go. You can wear these anytime, anywhere. Beach holidays? Check. Business trips? Check. Long drives by the sea? Check. You won’t want to step out of the house without a pair of these.



Tag Heuer eyewear relaunches on Pretavoir shortly…

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