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Ski Sunglasses - PRETAVOIR Favourites..

Ski Sunglasses - PRETAVOIR Favourites..




The best time to go skiing has got to be between December and April, so it's the perfect time to introduce to you our favourite pairs of ski sunglasses. Whether you are heading to sought-after ski destination such as France, Austria, or Switzerland, or even somewhere smaller-scale and local, Ski sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Not only do they keep you stylish on the slopes, but they also serve a great level of protection. The pace that you head down the slopes can be dangerous enough without snow, hail, or other particles getting into your eyes. Not only can impaired vision while skiing be extremely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous for yourself and others around you. Let's jump into some of our favourites brands and their ski sunglasses...




Oakley is one of the most notable sports manufacturers in the world. They produce clothing garments, sports equipment and a range of accessories. In the skiing department, Oakley shines. Producing a wide range of sports glasses and goggles, most pairs can be worn while carrying out a wide variety of sports. However, they are known for producing styles for cycling, snowboarding, and skiing. With a range of bold and daring colours to more subtle and neutral designs, there is a pair for everyone. Here are some of our favourites...


       OAKLEY HALF JACKET 2.0                                     OAKLEY SPLIT SHOT 

Oakley Ski sunglasses

              OAKLEY RADAR EV PATH                               OAKLEY JAWBREAKER 





Adidas, known for its immense reputation, popular trainer collections, and well-crafted apparel, has always dominated the sporting world. Adidas play a huge role in several different sporting activities worldwide, most notably football. They are recognised for sponsoring the likes of David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Paul Pogba and the great Lionel Messi. The brand, with its extremely identifiable three-stripe logo, can instantly be recognised worldwide. If you want to bring this brand to the slopes, opt for a pair of slick Adidas ski sunglasses. 


Ski sunglasses

              ADIDAS ZONYK AERO                                                 ADIDAS SPORT




Dr. Bob Smith is considered a revolutionary icon within the ski industry. Back in 1965, Smith, an orthodontist and ski enthusiast was pretty much over foggy ski goggles. In 1965, he produced the first sealed double lenses ski goggles. Smith continued to propel within his business until he died in 2012. From his goggles creation stemmed both a sunglasses and helmet range. The brand's primary and original focus was snow sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. However, now they provide accessories for fishing, mountain biking, running, cycling, and surfing. True sports advocates who you can certainly trust. Here are three of our favourites... 


         SMITH WILDCAT                                                         SMITH RUCKUS         

Smith ski sunglasses

                         SMITH BOBCAT GBYDI




BOLLE describe itself as the "market-leading solution for eyewear and helmets..." They are a huge sporting brand supplying predominantly sunglasses, goggles, and helmets. Originating over 130 years ago, Bolle continues to successfully distribute their products worldwide. Their sunglasses are lightweight (perfect for sports) and offer high-quality polarisation. Their signature bold-coloured gradient lenses, in particular, means that you will certainly not go unnoticed on the slopes. Looking to make a statement? Choose Bolle. 


Bolle ski sunglasses

   BOLLE CHRONOSHIELD                                           BOLLE AEROMAX 12267





Looking for reliability and a reasonable price point? We recommend none other than the American giant, Nike. Nike's successes are not up for debate. They are currently the biggest sports brand in the world and have an estimated market cap of roughly $200 billion! With sponsored athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal they continue to dominate the sporting industry. Nike claims that their sunglasses are the best sunglasses on the market for running in particular. However, these glasses have many qualities that customers should look for in skiing glasses. This includes an appropriate and adjustable fit, tinted lenses, and anti-fog features. All of these features are necessary on the slopes. Check out our faves...


      NIKE WINDSHIELD PRO                                            NIKE SKYLON ACE





Quite often, when people think ski apparel, they think Moncler. Stylish down jackets, windbreakers, knitwear, and accessories are at the heart of the brand. Moncler has focused on extreme weather conditions clothing garments since their origination back in 1952. Starting in a village near Grenoble, France, their quilted jackets were created for those working in the cold. Therefore, it was only natural for Moncler to tailor their eyewear range to accommodate those in colder weather conditions too. That means that they are the perfect pair of ski sunglasses. Infused with not only extensive history but extreme style too!


Moncler ski sunglasses

         MONCLER OMBRATE                                    MONCLER WRAPID





Julbo is a multi-sport eyewear company founded back in 1888. The brand was formed by Jules Baud (we can see where the name comes from!) with both optical lenses and innovation in mind. In 1950, Jublo produced the first pair of glacier sunglasses. They were targeted at mountaineers who required an adequate amount of eye protection. The great outdoors is at the core of the company, and with over 125 years behind them, they certainly know what they are doing in the protective eyewear department!






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