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The CHANEL Summer 21 Collection

The CHANEL Summer 21 Collection

The inspiration behind CHANEL’s Summer 21 eyewear collection is sobriety & magnificence.

Sobriety & magnificence is something that Gabriel Chanel was exposed to during her time at the Aubazine Abbey and it constantly inspired her own style and future design.

Gabriel lived at Aubazine Abbey from the ages of 12 to 18, alongside her sisters Julia-Berthe and Antoinette. The orphanage was located in Corrèze, Southwest France and notably the source of inspiration for Chanel's signature logo, a nod to one of the Abbey's stained glass windows.

The S/S eyewear collection has been created by exploring Gabriel Chanel’s childhood at Aubazine.

For the last few RTW collections, Virginie Viard has immersed herself in the CHANEL archives and created unique designs that blend the history of the fashion house and the values that lead Coco Chanel to revolutionise fashion. Continuing to create iconic pieces, Viard’s 2021 Eyewear collection is fit for every occasion.
In this new collection of eyewear, the CHANEL Pierced story perfectly encapsulates the concept of sobriety & magnificence. Combining delicate and essential shapes such as the Butterfly Sunglasses or the Round Sunglasses, your eye is drawn to the fresh shades featured in the acetate blend. Coming in a variety of finishes, the legs of this new frame are created using a hammered-metal effect inspired by goldsmithery savoir-faire. A real stand out detail of this design though is the cut-out logo delicately displaying the CHANEL letters on both the left and right leg.
Do not miss the round vintage shapes featured in both optical and sun, these are both featured in CHANEL’s 2021 campaign and perfectly reflect the iconic and timeless expressions made famous by Coco CHANEL.

The collection is also inspired by Gabriel’s love for Byzantine Art. She was exposed to this art form during her travels to Venice - Byzantine art shows a departure from the classical styles and realistic forms that were popularised in 1895. Byzantine artists were less concerned with mimicking reality and instead looked to incorporate religious symbolism which can be seen throughout CHANEL’s design work. The fashion house featured large baroque crosses and pearl detailing as key statement pieces throughout various collections.
The models featured in the Byzane story are quite stunning due to their iconic shape & timeless craftsmanship. The glossy effect on the acetate really gives a bijoux effect to the sunglasses, providing you with an ultra stylish look. The pearl-detailing calls upon the byzantine aesthetic, the acetate sun frame features the pearl topped with a double C and two resin cabochons.
If you wish to enquire about any of the pieces featured, or have any further questions about CHANEL Eyewear please get in touch via our live chat [small black circle to the left of your screen], by email on or call us on 0800 954 5689. Our customer care team is always available to help.
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