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The Gentlemen Sunglasses: A Netflix Must-Watch Drama

The Gentlemen Sunglasses: A Netflix Must-Watch Drama

Guided by the distinctive directorial style of Guy Ritchie. As viewers delve into the captivating narrative, a noteworthy element comes to the forefront – the meticulous selection of eyewear, featuring esteemed brands like Gucci and Garrett Leight. This stylish eyewear is not only worn by stars Kaya Scodelario in Gucci and Theo James in Garrett Leight but also by an exceptional ensemble cast, including Joely Richardson, Vinnie Jones, and Daniel Ings.

Guided by the distinctive directorial style of Guy Ritchie, known for works such as "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels," "The Gentlemen" immerses audiences in a world of intrigue and sophistication. The series unfolds a gripping narrative, rich with witty dialogue and unexpected plot twists, as characters navigate the clandestine realms of crime and power. Ritchie's storytelling brilliance finds an ally in the visually striking attire of the characters, meticulously curated to mirror their personalities and status.

A standout element throughout "The Gentlemen" is the emphasis on eyewear, showcasing a variety of stylish glasses from luxury brands. Notably, Kaya Scodelario graces the screen in the elegant Gucci GG1170S 001.


Kaya Scodelario's character Susie Glass in Netflix's The Gentlemen wearing black Gucci sunglasses


Theo James, among the accomplished cast, showcases the diverse and eclectic styles of Garrett Leight eyewear, particularly the Garrett Leight Hampton X 2082 PG/PGN and Garrett Leight Kinney 1007 MBT frames.


Theo James' character Eddie Halstead wearing Garrett Leight sunglasses in Netflix's The Gentlemen


In Netflix's The Gentlemen, main character Edward "Eddie" Horniman, played by Theo James, wears Garrett Leight Hampton X 2082 PG/PGN sunglasses throughout the series.


Theo James wears Garrett Leight optical glasses in Netflix's The Gentlemen


Theo James also wears optical glasses in the show - Garrett Leight Kinney 1007 MBT.


Joining the lineup, Max Beesley stands out with the Persol 3252V 95 frames, featuring a distinctive tinted lens.

Max Beesley plays character Henry Collins in Netflix's The Gentlemen wearing Persol glasses


Freddy Halstead, played by Daniel Ings, appears in the series as Eddie's older brother. He wears David Beckham DB 1007/S B4LQT.  

It's worth noting that "The Gentlemen" also exists in movie form, where eyewear plays a prominent role, much like its Netflix counterpart. In the movie version, eyewear became an essential element that defined and distinguished each character. Most notably, Charlie Hunnam, portraying the formidable gangster Raymond, was spotted wearing the Persol 3286V 96 adding a touch of sophistication and style to his menacing role.



Additionally, Daniel Ings makes a statement with a vintage Cartier from the 80s, reminiscent of styles seen in the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas. While the exact Cartier may not be available, we offer similar styles like the Cartier CT0303S 002.


Daniel Ings plays the role of Freddy Halstead in the film The Gentlemen and wears aviator style sunglasses


Ray Winstone plays "hard man" character Bobby Glass in 2019 film The Gentlemen


Adding an exclusive touch to the eyewear panorama, Ray Winston, who plays character Bobby Glass, was also spotted wearing limited edition Jacques Marie Mage frames known as 'The Hemmings,' of which only 250 were made. This rare eyewear choice adds a touch of exclusivity to the ensemble cast's distinctive styles.

Looking for a similar pair to Bobby Glass' sunglasses? We've got you covered: Take a look at Saint Laurent Sun SL 628 003 or Saint Laurent Sun SL 617 002.

Beyond the fashionable eyewear choices, both the Netflix series and the movie version of "The Gentlemen" captivate with well-developed characters, intricate plotlines, and Ritchie's signature directorial touch. These adaptations seamlessly blend elements of crime, drama, and humour, providing engaging and visually stimulating experiences.



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