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The Officine Générale Collection

The Officine Générale Collection

Garrett Leight has partnered with French clothing brand and purveyors of “beautiful normality”, Officine Générale.

Garrett Leight X Officine Generale 1118 LLG

The collection created with Officine Générale is limited-edition and perfectly blends together French and Californian styles.

This is the Paris-based brand’s first foray into eyewear although in 2023, Officine Générale’s founder Pierre Mahéo, will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of his brand.

Officine Générale Sunglasses Officine Générale Sunglasses Officine Générale Sunglasses

The brand is based in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris and uses French, British and Italian fabrics. Mahéo has stated: “Officine Générale isn't in the fashion industry. It isn't fashion. Which is a similar attitude to the Garrett Leight California Optical mantra that their eyewear brand is fuelled by a group of young, passionate purveyors of eyewear, dedicated to creating classic designs by combining perfect craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics. Trendless and timeless, they never go out of style. 

Officine Générale Sunglasses Officine Générale Sunglasses Officine Générale Sunglasses

Since 2012, Officine Générale took off with Pierre Mahéo creating a collection of menswear that was inspired by exactly the kind of clothes he liked to wear. This meant wearable and everyday items inspired by his childhood in Brittany, spending his days with his grandfather and his oysterman father, surrounded by a harmonious contradiction in styles of sharp tailoring and classic French utility wear. In an interview with BrownThomas, Mahéo said ‘he was inspired by his grandfather, a tailor, who he would spend hours gardening in a three-piece suit. A young Pierre would watch him dig weeds, plant flowers and look effortlessly dapper whilst doing so’.

Officine Generale Sunglasses Officine Generale Sunglasses Officine Generale Sunglasses

The result of this inspiration? Expertly crafted seasonal collections of clothing fit for men who are interested in fashion but value quality, longevity and impeccably-cut pieces above all.

For the limited-edition Garrett Leight eyewear collection, the Officine Générale pieces display a distinctive style that defines both cities. These Parisian and Angeleno attitudes come together to display not so much a particular style or uniform but a unique confidence that is inherent in the city's residents. Dressed up or paired down, Paris breathes its own attitude with understated elegance while Los Angeles subscribes to a specific casual cool.

Officine Generale Sunglasses

The two brands celebrate the fact that nothing in this particular collection is ground-breaking as it’s not supposed to be. Instead the designers have focused on quality at its finest - built from the smallest, intentional details that together create a bold yet unassuming design. It is season-less, tried and true - a versatile, effortless accessory for the long term. Made by connoisseurs of wardrobe who entrust the experts of eyewear.

Officine Generale Sunglasses


Derived from Officine Generale’s sophisticated, neutral colour palette, it’s a timeless accessory to complete a timeless wardrobe. The frames are made in cured acetate in faded black, tobacco, olio and light grey with metal details including the refined water dropt plaque, visible core wire featuring a new, custom etched design, and smooth metal hardware cap at the temple hinge and tip. The sunglasses feature a premium glass lens in grey, green, blue and G15 with an anti-reflective coating.

Garrett Leight x Officine Generale 2118 LLG/PLBU

A classically cool silhouette is updated with a slightly curved topline, larger overall fit, and premium mineral glass lenses. Intricate detailing is found throughout with a water drop plaque and special metal hardware at the temple hinge and tip. The final result is a blend of our effortlessly stylish philosophies.

Garrett Leight x Officine Generale 1118 BLGL Garrett Leight x Officine Generale 1118 DB

Garrett Leight’s experience in the subtle details and technical features allow these farmers to embody the carefully considered fit, proportion, and comfort of a world-class frame. GLCO demands a high standard of perfect quality to guarantee their customers truly have the ultimate value in quality and style. And according to Pierre Mahéo, this is one of the reasons why Garrett Leight was the perfect partner for his first endeavour into eyewear:

Garrett Leight x Officine Generale 1118 OLIOGarrett Leight x Officine Generale 1118 LLG


‘It is very exciting for me to launch an eyewear collection with Garrett who shares the same values in quality handcraft and blending the old with the new’.

We’re are thrilled to have this exclusive collection available on PRET A VOIR and if you have any questions, require further information or would like to talk to a member of our customer care team about Officine Generale x Garrett Leight, please get in touch with us via email at

Au revoir, 


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