Tom Ford Steps Down: A Creative Icon's Legacy & the Dawn of a New Era

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Tom Ford Steps Down: A Creative Icon's Legacy & the Dawn of a New Era

Tom Ford Steps Down: A Creative Icon's Legacy & the Dawn of a New Era

Tom Ford Steps Down From His Eponymous Brand...

The fashion industry is shaken by the recent announcement of Tom Ford stepping down as the Creative Director of his eponymous brand, leaving behind a legacy of unparalleled style and innovation. Ford's departure marks the end of an era defined by his exceptional vision and transformative influence.

After being sold to Estée Lauder in November of last year, Tom Ford has passed the reins of Creative Director to his long-time associate. Peter Hawkings, while Guillaume Jesel assumes the role of chief executive and president, succeeding Domenico de Sole, the brand's other co-founder.

This news comes after Estée Lauder acquired Tom Ford for $2.8 billion (£2.2 billion) in 2022. The brand encompasses a highly successful fashion line, a profitable beauty line, and an eyewear business through a licensing agreement with the Italian company Marcolin.

The Italian menswear group Ermenegildo Zegna has obtained a 30-year licensing agreement, allowing them to utilise the Tom Ford brand and trademark while being responsible for men's and women's fashion. However, Marcolin will continue producing Tom Ford eyewear. 

As we bid farewell to this creative genius, let's reflect on his remarkable journey, his iconic contributions to the brand, and the exciting new chapter awaiting Tom Ford.

A Visionary and Style Icon

Tom Ford's illustrious career in the fashion world began long before he established his brand. He gained prominence during his tenure at Gucci, where he served as Creative Director from 1994 to 2004. Ford's distinctive approach revolutionised the brand, transforming it into a global powerhouse known for its sensual and luxurious aesthetic.


Tom Ford Gucci fashion show Tom Ford serving as Creative Director for Italian fashion house Gucci


The Birth of Tom Ford Eyewear

In 2005, Tom Ford launched his namesake luxury brand, offering a range of products encompassing fashion, accessories, and eyewear. The eyewear collection quickly gained recognition for its impeccable craftsmanship, sophisticated designs, and contemporary elegance. Since its launch, Tom Ford's eyewear has become synonymous with luxury and has solidified the brand's position as a leader in the fashion industry.


A Legacy of Timeless Appeal

Several Tom Ford eyewear styles have gained iconic status and have been widely embraced by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. The "Tom Ford Whitney" sunglasses, characterised by their oversized square shape, have become a staple in the brand's offerings. The aviator style "Tom Ford Bronson" sunglasses have gained popularity for their modern take on a timeless shape. Other notable styles include the "Tom Ford Fausto" a glamorous and oversized frame, and the "Tom Ford Henry," a classic aviator with a modern twist.

 Tom Ford Whitney TF0009 01D Polarised

Tom Ford Henry TF0248 05N

Tom Ford Henry TF0248 05N 

Tom Ford Fausto TF711 47QTom Ford Fausto TF711 47Q

 Tom Ford Bronson TF1044 52S

Tom Ford Bronson TF1044 52S


A New Era at Tom Ford

With Tom Ford's departure, the brand prepares to embark on a new era, poised to build upon his remarkable legacy. The new Creative Director, Peter Hawkings will inherit a brand with a strong foundation, an iconic aesthetic, and a loyal following.

As Tom Ford bids farewell to his role as Creative Director, his departure leaves an irreplaceable void in the fashion industry. His exceptional talent, visionary leadership, and unparalleled sense of style have indelibly shaped the brand that bears his name.



Au revoir, 


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