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Tour de France Sunglasses: Top Picks & Benefits Of Cycling Eyewear

Tour de France Sunglasses: Top Picks & Benefits Of Cycling Eyewear

Let's dive into the world of Tour de France. More specifically, Tour de France sunglasses.

The Tour de France is one of the most prestigious cycling events in the world, attracting top riders from around the world. Eyewear plays a crucial role in this gruelling race, providing professional cyclists with performance optimization and safety benefits. We decided to explore the significance of eyewear in the race, with a focus on Oakley, Bolle and Scicon eyewear and some of our top models to look at if you are wishing to take on the road, track or just out with the family on your bikes.

Cycling At The Tour De France

The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses During Tour de France

  • First and foremost, eyewear protects from sunlight: In the Tour de France, long hours under the sun necessitate proper eyewear. Some glasses feature advanced lens technologies that protect against harmful UV rays and filter out blue light, reducing eye strain and enhancing visual clarity.


  • Enhanced Visual Clarity: Precise vision is crucial in cycling, particularly at high speeds. Oakley eyewear, for example, utilizes cutting-edge lens technologies like High Definition Optics (HDO), minimizing distortion and maximizing peripheral vision. This improvement in visual clarity enables cyclists to react quickly to obstacles, road hazards, and other riders, promoting safety during the race.


  • Reduced Glare and Reflections: Glare from the road or reflective surfaces can impair a cyclist's vision. By reducing glare, you provide a clear view of the surroundings, ensuring you can cycle and navigate the road safely.


  • Protection against Debris and Wind: Cyclists face wind, dust, insects, and other debris during high-speed rides. The wraparound design and impact-resistant lenses shield the eyes from external elements and prevent debris from obstructing vision.


  • Improved Aerodynamics: You might want to cut down a PB on a time trial or do better than your last enduring cycle, and being as aerodynamic as possible can give you that extra edge and even cut time down. Reducing wind resistance is crucial for competitive cycling. The streamlined shape and snug fit reduces wind turbulence around the cyclist's face, enabling them to maintain higher speeds with less effort.



That’s the science part over, but let's get into the real race for who will take the top spot in our picks of cycling eyewear. We took a look at Oakley, Bolle and Scicon. It was a closely fought contest, that’s for sure.

Introducing...Our Top 3 Picks of Tour de France Sunglasses

Third Place: Scicon Aerowing Lamon Cycling Glasses

Scicon Aerowing Lamon Ey30031200 with interchangeable lenses


The Aerowing Lamon frames are handmade in Italy and made from bio-based material produced ecologically using vegetable oils. They are durable, lightweight and can take on the harshest conditions, all whilst reducing your carbon footprint. As you can see, the lens is a little different. This design is a diffusion of airflow to push more air behind the lens, avoiding any fog. With thought, design, innovation and cycling at their heart, the Aerowing's are worth a look.


Second Place:

Bolle LightShifter XL BS014004 POLARISED

The Shifter range, both standard and light shifters, was launched in 2018 for the Tour De France and is a favourite amongst cyclists. Bolle was one of the main sponsors for the French cycling team.

We picked out the Lightshifter XL model due to the oversized lens. With its continuing quality in technology and its durability in performance, the Bolle Shifter range will have you racing to try these on your next peloton ride.

First Place: 

Finishing off our podium place and taking the yellow jersey we had to include the:

Oakley EVZero Blades Tour De France Edition

Oakley EVZero Blades Tour De France Edition OO9454 14 Prizm

The Oakley EVZero Blades Tour De France Edition OO9454 14 Prizm sunglasses are special edition frames designed specifically for the Tour de France. These sunglasses feature Oakley's renowned Prizm lens technology, which enhances colour and contrast for optimal visibility on the road. The EVZero Blades design offers a sleek and lightweight frame, minimizing drag and improving aerodynamics. With a wraparound style and impact-resistant lenses, they protect against debris and wind. The Tour de France Edition design showcases a unique aesthetic, celebrating the spirit of the race. These sunglasses combine performance, style, and specialized features to meet the demands of professional cyclists.

Tour De France 

So to conclude and to cross that finish line, eyewear is essential for professional cyclists in the Tour de France. Investing in quality eyewear is crucial for cyclists aiming to achieve peak performance and safety in the race.

Were there any that you would like to see here? Or do you wear cycling glasses? Let us know in the comments.


Check out the highlights from this years Tour de France here. 

Au revoir, 


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