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US Grand Prix Sunglasses 2023: Speed Meets Style

US Grand Prix Sunglasses 2023: Speed Meets Style

The United States Grand Prix – an event synonymous with speed, adrenaline, and glamour – has long held its position as a quintessential highlight on the motorsports calendar. With a history dating back to 1908, it's a spectacle that draws racing enthusiasts and celebrities year after year. The allure of the US Grand Prix is not just the roar of the engines on the track but the star-studded audience that flocks to catch a glimpse of the action and soak in the unique atmosphere.

This year, on Sunday, October 22nd, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, hosted this iconic event. It was a day that motorsport fans won't soon forget, with Lewis Hamilton facing disqualification, Max Verstappen securing a sensational win, and even Prince Harry making a special appearance, sporting some versatile sunglasses.

However, Prince Harry wasn't the only famous face shading their eyes from the warm Texan sun. The US Grand Prix brought together a constellation of celebrities, each flaunting their favourite pair of sunglasses. We'll take you through the shades that adorned the eyes of these stars, exploring their style, the trends they set, and the brands that have become synonymous with the Grand Prix's inimitable fashion. Let's look at the sunglasses that took centre stage beneath the Texan sun at the US Grand Prix.


Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua glasses at the US Grand Prix October 2023

Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua made a stylish entrance in Oliver Peoples Lachman OV5419U 1669 sunglasses. These shades perfectly complemented his look, combining classic design with a touch of modern elegance. Joshua's choice of eyewear showcased his impeccable fashion sense, proving that he knows how to make a statement both in the ring and on the fashion front.


Prince Harry

Prince Harry sunglasses at the US Grand Prix October 2023

Adding a royal touch to the US Grand Prix, Prince Harry was seen sporting the Oliver Peoples Fairmont Sun OV5219S 1132/39 shades. These sunglasses perfectly matched his classic yet contemporary style, radiating sophistication and timeless charm. Prince Harry's choice of eyewear at the event showcased his impeccable fashion sense, effortlessly blending tradition with a modern twist and making him a style icon at the Grand Prix.


Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton at the US Grand Prix October 2023

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton turned heads at the US Grand Prix not only with his performance (which led to a disqualification) but also with his diverse fashion and eyewear choices. He sported a variety of sunglasses, including Off-White and Jacques Marie Mage, but what stole the show were the silver mirrored Versace 4361. While we don't carry the exact colour he wore, you can achieve a similar look with the Versace 4361 311/6G. Hamilton's eyewear selections were as multifaceted and exciting as the race itself, highlighting his exceptional style sense on and off the track.


Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc at the US Grand Prix October 2023

At the US Grand Prix, Ferrari's Charles Leclerc showcased not only his racing prowess but also his impeccable style. He sported his usual classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 901 Black sunglasses, radiating timeless sophistication and a hint of rebellious charm. These iconic shades added a dash of cool confidence to Leclerc's look, proving that classics never go out of fashion. 


Miles Chamley-Watson 

Miles Chamley-Watson sunglasses at the US Grand Prix October 2023

Amidst the excitement of the US Grand Prix, fencer Miles Chamley-Watson brought a unique touch of style to the event. He was spotted sporting the Dita Terracraft Dts 416 01 sunglasses, reflecting his sporting and fashion-forward personality. These sleek shades added sophistication and modernity to his look, setting him apart in the crowd of racing enthusiasts and celebrities. Miles Chamley-Watson's choice of eyewear highlighted his individuality and his knack for blending sport and fashion effortlessly.


Logan Sargeant

Logan Sargeant sunglasses at the US Grand Prix October 2023

Amid the glamour of the US Grand Prix, racing sensation Logan Sargeant showcased his style with the Tom Ford Gerrard TF776 01B sunglasses. The sleek design and craftsmanship of these shades added a touch of sophistication and modernity to his appearance, perfectly aligning with his distinctive sense of style. In a crowd of racing enthusiasts and celebrities, Sargeant's choice of eyewear made a stylish statement, highlighting his ability to seamlessly merge fashion with his racing persona.


Tiffany Cromwell 

Tiffany Cromwell wearing sunglasses at the US Grand Prix October 2023

Cycling pro-Tiffany Cromwell made a stylish mark at the US Grand Prix, sporting the Oakley Sideswept OO9445 04 Prizm Polarized sunglasses. These high-performance shades not only shielded her eyes but also added a sporty touch of elegance to her look. Amidst the racing enthusiasts and celebrities, Cromwell's choice of eyewear reflected her versatile sense of fashion and her ability to seamlessly blend sport and style.


Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy wearing sunglasses at the US Grand Prix October 2023


Golfing legend Rory McIlroy graced the US Grand Prix with an aura of sophistication by donning exclusive Omega sunglasses, a style that can be obtained through special order. These shades, synonymous with precision and luxury, added a touch of exclusivity to his presence at the event. McIlroy's choice of eyewear not only reflected his impeccable style but also his global influence that transcends golf and embraces the world of high-end fashion.




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