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Where Should Glasses Sit on the Nose?

Where Should Glasses Sit on the Nose?

So, where should glasses sit on the nose?

Finding the perfect pair of glasses is about more than just style – it's about ensuring they fit comfortably and provide optimal vision. Ill-fitting glasses can lead to discomfort, headaches, and even eye strain, making it essential to get the fit just right.

So, how do you know if your glasses aren't fitting properly, and what can you do about it?

In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about how glasses should fit and what to do if they're not sitting as they should.

Female showing where glasses should sit on your nose


How Should Glasses Fit?

  • Nose Bridge: Glasses should sit comfortably on your nose bridge without pressing too hard or leaving red marks.
  • Cheeks, Forehead, and Brow: They shouldn't press against your cheeks, forehead, or brow, and should be level with the rest of your face.
  • Position: Glasses should neither sit too far forward nor too far back, but in a neutral position.
  • Comfort: Most importantly, glasses should feel comfortable to wear without causing any discomfort.


Checklist for Proper Fit:

  • No Pinching: Glasses shouldn't pinch or dig into your nose or cheeks.
  • Stays in Place: They shouldn't slip down your nose or require you to constantly adjust them.
  • Temple Comfort: The temples should sit comfortably behind your ears without rubbing or digging in.
  • Level and Straight: Glasses should sit level on your face and not be crooked.

Where should my glasses sit on my nose?


How Do Measurements Affect Fit?

When you buy glasses, they're produced based on three key measurements:

  • Eye Size: The width of your lenses.
  • Bridge Size: The width of your nose bridge.
  • Temple Size: The width of the arms.

These measurements determine how far the glasses sit away from your face and where they sit on your nose.

If your glasses aren't fitting correctly, it may be due to discrepancies in these measurements.


Choosing Glasses for Comfort

To ensure a comfortable fit:

  • Consider Facial Dimensions: Choose frames that complement your facial dimensions and measurements.
  • Bridge Width: Opt for frames with a bridge width that suits your nose shape and size.
  • Virtual Try-On: Use our virtual try-on feature to see how different frames will look on your face and determine the best fit.

Pret a Voir virtual try on for glasses and sunglasses

Select the virtual try on option at the left-hand side of our product pages.


What to Do If Your Glasses Don't Fit Correctly

If your glasses aren't fitting properly, we highly recommend visiting an optician or eyewear specialist for assistance. They can make precise adjustments to improve the fit, such as:

  • Nose Pad Adjustment: Moving nose pads inward or outward to keep glasses in place.
  • Temple Adjustment: Bending temples to sit closer or further from your head for a snug fit.

Man appears to be in discomfort as glasses hurt his nose bridge


At-Home Tips for Temporary Relief

While it's best to have a professional adjust your glasses, you can try these temporary fixes at home:

  • For Loose Glasses: Apply a small amount of wax to the nose bridge or temporarily use ear hooks on the temples.
  • For Tight Glasses: Put baby powder behind temples to reduce rubbing or loosen hinges on temples carefully.

Remember, these are temporary solutions, and it's essential to visit an optician for proper adjustments to ensure long-term comfort and optimal vision. With the right fit, your glasses will not only look great but also feel comfortable all day long.



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