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y2k sunglasses

Y2K Sunglasses: Get the Look


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, fashion took a bold and futuristic turn. This was a period characterised by bright colours, shiny metallics, and a fascination with all things technological. One of the most iconic fashion trends from this era was the y2k sunglasses, which embodied the futuristic aesthetic at the time. 

Some love it, and some hate it, but 2021 was the year that reintroduced and restored the 2000s fashion era, and without a doubt, y2k sunglasses have played a major role in everyone's wardrobe. With every ultra-mini skirt, low-rise pair of jeans, baguette bag, and velour tracksuit must come an accessory to enhance the look. From butterfly hair clips and retro bandanas to beaded and rhinestone necklaces and bracelets, no y2k accessory could top the statement y2k sunglasses that are still in high demand. Let's take a look at some of our favourite y2k sunglasses styles stocked here at Pret a Voir.



Shield Sunglasses

These sunglasses feature a single, wide lens that covers both eyes - giving the wearer a futuristic and sporty look. These frames became a popular fashion choice in the early 2000s among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. They were often worn in bold colours and futuristic designs, which were emblematic of the high-tech aesthetic that was popular at the time. Below, Victoria Beckham wears a pair of shield sunglasses during the 2000s. Discover more about the Beckham's eyewear styles of the late 90s/early 2000s in our blog: Posh and Becks Iconic Eyewear of the 90s/2000s: A Specs-tacular Couple.

Victoria Beckham shield y2k sunglasses 2000s

Shop some of our favourite Y2K Shield Sunglasses Below

Jimmy Choo MARVIN/S 807IRY2k sunglasses visors
Tom Ford Kyler TF1043 02EGuess GU7876/S 28B Y2K Sunglasses


Seen as one of the most controversial trends yet, you either love it or hate it. Many believe the bold fashion era should have been left in the 2000s! We get it, some of these comebacks do happen to be questionable! However, if you can pull off the late styles once worn by your favourite Hollywood stars, it can seriously work and make a statement as an iconic fit. 


Rectangle Frames

Rectangle sunglasses were extremely popular during the y2k era. Often worn in bold colours with thick frames or rimless frames with rhinestone detailing, back in the 2000s, these frames were bound to make a statement to any outfit. They will still make a statement to any look. Here are some of our current favourite rectangle frames.

Chiara Ferragni Sunglasses

Tiffany & Co TF3088 6105/16
DMY BY DMY Olsen DMY05BPLRay-Ban RB 3717 9196/31


Britney Spears Y2K SunglassesBritney Spears sports a pair of rectangle sunglasses in 1999.


In the last two years, the y2k style has been in full swing during the summer months as Gen Z and Millennials begin to dress more freely during the peak holiday and festival season. The trend is still very much in for this summer too! What better way to finish your 2000s pop culture outfit than with a pair of shades to match? 


Unconventionally Designed Frames

Glasses in the 2000s were all about making a bold statement and embracing the future with their unconventional designs, and funky-shaped sunglasses were a perfect fit to achieve this look. The styles back in the 2000s often consisted of unique and eye-catching shapes such as triangles, hearts, stars, or even animal prints. Let's look at some of our favourites that fit this criteria...

Gucci Hollywood Forever GG0898S 001

Loewe Paula's Ibiza LW40088U 72E

Balenciaga BB0229S 002

Moschino MOS 128/S 807IR


 Metallic Frames

Balenciaga BB0157S 004
Balenciaga BB0041S 002


Get summer season ready and upgrade your wardrobe with a pair of Y2K Sunglasses!




Au Revoir,



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