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Burberry Sunglasses

Burberry Sunglasses - A High-Quality Collection 


Burberry Sunglasses are renowned for their durable and long-lasting materials. The superior materials include hypoallergenic acetate as well as corrosion-resistant metal creating a luxury accessory that is guaranteed to last for years. Burberry's sunglasses range from bold and robust black frames to more delicate styles featuring aviator and round frames. The signature look of Burberry Sunglasses often tends to be their iconic and recognisable 'Burberry Check' print. This checked style originated in the 1920s specifically for their raincoats. Now, we notice the signature print across all Burberry lines including t-shirts, swim shorts, and most importantly, the sunglasses.


The History Behind the Brand

Thomas Burberry established Burberry in Basingstoke at 21 years old in the year 1856. The brand was founded on the principle that clothing should be designed to protect people from the British weather. Steeped in heritage, Burberry represents the quintessentially British style.

Burberry's contemporary eyewear collection combines both its vintage past and modern style creating eye-catching sunglasses for both genders. Incredibly elegant - each eyewear design celebrates the Burberry brand with hints of the iconic Burberry check, 'TB' initialled detailing and quilt effects along with the equestrian knight logo.

Did you know that the British Royal Family happens to be one of Burberry's foremost patrons? Indeed, it's not uncommon to spot members of the Royals sporting Burberry attire on various occasions. This trend was sparked when the late Princess Diana famously showcased one of their iconic trench coats. Given Burberry's deep roots in British heritage, should we really be surprised?

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